Omnipod newbie - Love it

Just wanted to say, that I am a newbie to the Pod. Started in September, and all I can say is I love this thing…I pumped for 5 years with MM, and I can honestly say, that I wont be going back to tubing, as long as I have the option to go tube free. After 3 years of MDI, i thought MM was a lifesaver, but the Pod is even better…

The freedom is unreal…I didnt realize how inconvenient tubing was untill I started pumping without it…I almost feel normal again…So far my control appears to be much better, judging by my daily numbers…I will see my endo next month, so hopefully the A1C will be down as well…we shall see.

I grew tired of MM customer service, or lack there of in my opinion, so I started digging up info on the Pod, and other tubed pumps as well…Came across the Pod, and called for the demo…They sent it out in a few days…now the demo was cool to look at, but when I put it on, I got an idea of how it felt, but I was still hooked up to the ole ball and chain, the MM 715, so I didnt get full feel of the Pod.

So I got a hold of my local rep, and asked him to let me sort of test drive it for a few days…He sent me three pods, and I used an older PDM for 7-10 days…soon after, I was HOOKED…To use the Pod with real insulin was awesome and to not have tubing attached was too cool…I had forgot what it was like to not have something hang off of me all day long

I had read here about occlusions, and some of you all having issues, but thus far I have had only 1, and have been through 15 pods or so…I wear it all over, lower back…abdomen, etc…and have had no problems with comfort driving, sleeping or in the “bedroom” :wink:

Im a pretty open diabetic, so I never worried about people looking my way when bolusing on the MM 715 when they heard the “beep beep beep”…but I havent noticed anyone even look my way when using the PDM of the Pod…its like im using a PDA or soemthing to them I guess…

Pumping on the Pod is by far, in my opinion, the way to go…MM got me “hooked” on pumping, but now im pumping and hooked up to NOTHING…feels good

My 3 yeard old little girl thinks its pretty cool, that Daddy lets her put stickers on the pods…now thats priceless to me :wink:


Congrats on the new pod, I love mine too, I was on MDI for 17 years before I went to a pump and chose the pod because it was tube free. I’m happy to see your daughter loves it too! Congrats


congratulations :]
i don’t like the pod personally,but good new to hear that you like it
and that’s pretty cool!your daughter likes it!
i think it’s cute :}

I have no issues with the pod. LOVE IT. After one year using it, I have had very few failures. It’s great, Hope you continue to enjoy it. Check out the Omnipod users group

Congrats on liking your pod. My new one has been sitting at my house for 2 weeks. I finally get trained on it this Monday. I’ve been on 2 different pumps in the past and got so tired of the tubing. I’ve been off the pump for 4 years and I still catch myself being worried that I’ll accidentally knock it off my pants (even though it’s not there anymore). Thanks for your post. That’s the kind of thing a gal needs to hear.

that’s so good! I’m pretty envious to be honest, we can’t get the omnipod in australia!

Thanks for sharing Brandon! It is very uplifting to read a positive report like this. I hope I’ll be “podding” soon, too and your report gets me excited about it:)