Omnipod placement for sports

My son has been using the Omnipod since 02/04/10. He is 13 years of age and loves to play basketball. We have found so far that the best place for the pod has been the stomach area as with just about every other spot it seems to be too vulnurable to getting hit. Does anyone have any experinces they can share that may be able to help us out?

Try it on the back of the arm and when he is playing basketball wrap the arm where the pod is. I have found that the pod can take some punishment and it will stay put. You might need to add some Skin Tac adhesive to help.

Lower back (love handle area) works for many, but probably a bit more vulnerable than the stomach. Some are doing calf now, which could potentially be a safe place for a basketball player, but I would check first to be sure you get acceptable absorption there.

My son plays basketball and soccer - and wears his only on his arms. Sometimes he wraps it with a coban 3M wrap if he’s feeling like it’s looser or in a more vulnerable place on the arm. But he’s never had an issue with it. You can order the wraps online in bulk - they don’t stick to his arm, but it sticks to itself so it works really well.

I’ve found the best place to put it when I need it protected is my lower stomach, pretty much in-line with my hips. This seems very low but is pretty much out of the way of anything. Good luck!

My son is 10 and has been active in sports since his diagnoses 6 months ago. Right now, his favorite spots are on the upper buttocks, below the belt line on either side. He wont much wear them anywhere else. This was advantageous with swimming as it was hidden by his suit.

However, we did buy a shooter sleeve for when he does where it on his arm and play sports. Check with your local sports shops. Ours was about $10 and is reusable. Just like the ones the bball players wear on tv.

My daughter is an avid tennis player and she finds that the stomach works best for her. She tried the back of the arm one time and the cannula came out during a match. She said that was pretty painful and looking at the bruise that was left I am sure that it was. Her legs do not seem to be an option because she is so lean there.

I am a backpacker, runner, and waterskier, and the upper arm is the only spot I can wear the Pod comfortably. Unfortunately, it’s pretty much all trial and error, it’s all about your son’s personal preferance. You will never know until you try it!

I found the stomach area too vulnerable for basketball. I use my upper thighs, a little toward the inside. Never had a problem there.

My 13 year old son plays select soccer, and likes to wear his omnipod on his triceps (back of his arm) or upper quadriceps (upper thigh). In addition, we give additional protection with a 1 inch wide strip of Kinesio Tex tape, which you can find on online physical therapy stores. It adheres well, and breathes, and is easy to take off when ready for a pod change. If you want additional protection, you can wear Underarmor skin fitting undershirts or shorts to add additional protection and support. He hasn’t had a pod ripped off completely yet, and has been Omnipodding for 15 months, soccer 3 times a week. I don’t like Coban as much–it is too restrictive, and does not give like the elastic Kinesio Tex Tape.