OmniPod Sponsored Educational Speaker

Has anyone else received any info. similar to this? I got an e-mail the other day from my OmniPod rep that I met when I first went on the pod about a year ago. I’ve seen learning sessions from time to time regarding OmniPod’s tubeless pump but this appears to be different. I was invited to attend a speaker for “Success-focused Diabetes Management” which is being put on by a diabetes educator. Since I’m still new to being a T1 and on a pump I’m planning on going as am still learning but I was wondering if anyone else has gotten invites like this? I was impressed to get the invite, just curious if any other users have seen anything like this? Is this something they do from time to time?

No, but I’d like to.

My rep offered a series of classes in different locations a while back. I went to an advanced pumping class and it was just myself, one other Pod user, and a CDE. I learned some tips and was given her card with an invitation to call with questions. I am hoping it is something they do from time to time. I’d be glad to take advantage of another learning experience.