OmniPod Won't Stick

Hi there - My 8 year old daughter was diagnosed about a month and a half ago with Diabetes and we have decided to start with the OmniPod. She has worn two demo pods and they don’t seem to stick too well. That makes me a little nervous. Is there something special we need to do to get these pods to stick? I don’t want my daughter to get discouraged before we even begin.

Thank you.

I am not sure what to tell you, about the pod not sticking. I have a hard time getting them off after 3 days, my suggestions would be 1) make sure skin is COMPLETELY dry before placing pod and clean, I use and alcohol wipe and let it air dry dont blow on it. 2) Dont put on a pod before a shower or water activity mine never stay when I do that. 3) others have said something about a sticking agent I cant think of what it is called but I will look and find out for you. Actually you should if you havent already join the omnipod group…

pod group

and this member has a young son using the pod with some tips and trick you could check out I think She may talk about the adhesive I mentioned above

good luck

The sticking adhesive that my pump company recommended is called, I.V. Prep.

There are a few different types of adhesives that you can try out. You will find tips in these discussions:
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Well, there is always the handy man’s secret weapon. Duct Tape. Comes in many colors now, so you can be fashionable. And it beats tac welding it into place.