Bag or Purse

I cant seem to find a purse big enough to fit my tester and insulin pen plus everything else i need. im not a purse person so i dont need a large one. any ideas? is where I got my purse. I keep a large bag in the car with extra stuff but for running into a store or such I can just grab my small wallet style clutch.

I love mine!



I hate using a purse, too, but you have to do what you have to do.

The only thing about those myabetic ones is that I would want one I could sling across my shoulder so I can shop hands free and not worry about forgetting it somewhere. I am a scatter brain like that.

When I am not wearing cargo pants, I use a leather purse similar to this one. Mine has 3 exterior zipper pockets. I keep my insulin in one, my strips and finger poker in another and my money, credit cards, etc, in the third. I throw the insulin pens and the meter in the center. I don’t have the meter or anything in a case.

It is big enough to carry everything I need, CGM/bg meter, strips, finger poker, insulin, syringes, and insulin pens. I wear mine across my body, so if the strap is on my right shoulder, it is in some way under my left armpit. I put it over my head and it is so small it pretty much stays out of my way.

I do realize that works for me won’t necessarily work for others. Good luck. is a good one. I have one of their messenger bags, but they do smaller ones and clutch packs which are more than adequate for all your diabetes kit, pens etc and also has a section for an icepack which is useful for the summer. There is a discount for Tu Diabetes members, so check out Resources above and look at Member Discounts. I have just looked up the site and the clutches are going for $32 which is not too bad.

They are very well made.

I had the same problem, try looking at pencil cases they seem to be the right length for the pens.