? on infusion sites hurting

hi,fairly new ping pumper here! i have been getting three sites on my abdomen that hurt when the infusion set is in…it seems to get infected…anything i can do to prevent this? i will run out of spots for the infusion set eventually if i dont fix it soon,any ideas on what causes this and how to prevent it? is it the wipes i clean with or are certain spots more prone to infection?

I have had major issues with staph infections… both the normal staph and MRSA…

Under the advice of my primary (who used to work in infectious disease), I switched to using Betadine to prep my sites. Make sure that you are starting in the center and wiping in circles to the outside. You want to get the site as close as possible to the middle where you started… When I got MRSA, I added using a “presurgical” scrub in the shower when my site changes are planned - Gale recommended Hepaclens. You can buy it in the grocery store or pharmacy. It is bright red and should not be used with a white washcloth :wink:

Good luck! :Let me know if you need/want more info.

thanks,ill look into that…

have you tried putting your infusion sets in places other than you abdomen? bacteria can colonize on different areas of your body… try you upper butt area… it’s also more cushiony so it doesn’t hurt as much :wink:

or changing your infusion sets… I have to use the 6mm ones as opposed to the 9mm ones b/c the 9 ones hurt (aka are too long)… you could also try an angled set…

I know this is a “dumb question” but are you sure they are infected and not just painful?

i know its painful how would i know if its infected?
the butt area is hard to reach i dont know if i have the angeled sets,i think they are,

you can get a prescription antibiotic cream from doctor and use it at the site when you remove the inset. That solved my problem when I was having similar problems.

If it is infected, it looks like this: http://tlhung.blogspot.com/2009_04_01_archive.html (scroll about halfway down the page) or this http://careman.wordpress.com/2011/02/03/death-by-mrsa/

Practice or try on your next one… it is easier if I lay down to get it in and it does take a certain amount of flexibility :wink:

I found the abdomen always uncomfortable and annoying, and sometimes a bit painful, Mary Ann. I switched to my thigh on the top and then switched to the hip which I like the best since it’s out of the way. Since the hip is limited, I’ll rotate back to the thighs after awhile. By the way, Mary Ann, I was having various types of site problems all the time for at least the first month. Now I have them rarely, so somehow you just get better at it.

The angled ones are the ones with two little “feet” and the separate tubing and insert. I like them because they have a little clear window that you can see through (in the right light anyway!)

If something’s infected it’s VERY painful and red and has pus come out of it.

hip and thighs huh? have to look into that one,sounds uncomfortable though,

Not at all, I find them both less uncomfortable than the stomach. I felt it was always in the way on the stomach, when I’d dress, when I’d bend, my cat in my lap, etc. The only difference is if you are very thin. You may not have enough fat on those areas to use.

Absolutely what Zoe says. I initially did my stomach, but found that I reacted to the tape. I switched to my butt and haven’t had any of the issues. It also stays “out of the way” for various activities… and you can hook the pump in the small of the back area if you wear a one piece bathing suit!