The Tide

Give a cheer for heroes,the coward turns away,shed a tear not for me,instead save the dying and the sick share a meal or two, hold hands for who grieve,each life upon this Earth is precious just like morning dew,the snow that falls in winter the daffodil in spring the cuckoo and the songbird the flowers in the moring Sun, each one of us is special each one of us unique,each brother sister mom and dad nan and grandpa too share a past and a future just like you do,the cat walks in tail in the air looks at me a smiles she too has someone who looks after her just like the sky is blue,no matter where you are or what you may do the path may be long you may not even have shoes,but in the scheme of wondrous things a number you are not a human being just like me and that souled mean a lot,if you are ill or weary sit down and rest your aching heart,do not despair there is a gift blowing in the air, the leaf that falls the bird that sings the new born robin soon to shake it’s wings, the milestone the Christmas tree the turkey pudding and all, the look of pleasure on children’s faces should warm us all, spare a thought for those who sit hungry or alone the mother who cries in despair for them there is no magic in the air,the wind does blow the rain does fall the snowman with his hat a carrot found for his nose two buttons for eyes he has,next time you sit around the table food plenty for all to see think of all those souls who this can never be,the soldier who returns the horrors that has been seen the comrades fallen by there sides never more to be seen,what makes a person leave a bomb the thoughts to kill and maime who do they act fo,r please say not in Gods name,