"One of Those Days"

Today will be one of those days were i am challenged. I already have been. My bg was 213 a hour ago i took my humalog and i checked and its down to 95. So im worried about eating our huge family dinner. I will count my carbs though and refrain from the massive amounts of sugar displayed on the table lol i will NOT omit my insulin either. my biggest problem right now!!! Im deathly afraid to see that number jump up on the scale. I'm honestly deathly afraid of it. and taking care of my self and controling my diabetes means i will gain weight. my mind knows its water weight but it some how doesnt process in my head like that. all i see is fat weight going up. i want to cry thinking of it right nw.I want this voice in my head to go away cause if it doesnt im just going to continue my cycle diabulimia has me on. im going to be strong today wish me luck...........

touching post, i wish you more than just luck, i wish you the grace and insight to recognize that you are more than your weight on a scale, more than your diabetes. take some deep breaths and feel the connection to your soul that is peace and unbelievable contentment when you take away the circumstances of your life it is always there you just have to connect inward. yup i am a yogi, forever on my path, start yours one decision and positive affirmation at a time. best wishes, amy

Thank you so much amy. I am truly trying and knowing someone has takin time to send kind words my way makes it a little easier. Thank you so much Amy. God bless you.

Good luck ,it takes alot of will power to eat right during the holidays.

I really hope you get through this. Your thinking will destroy you if you don't change it. You are a beautiful young woman. Please don't let worries of weight control your life. You can be healthy and a normal weight, don't be afraid of looking after yourself. It is very, very hard and frustrating but you can do this. Throw out those scales and focus on health.