One small reason I'm glad I had the transplant

The past two days have been car maintenance days from hades. The roads here are full of potholes thanks to the nice thaw we been having and yesterday on the way to work we hit a giant crater. Thank the gods it was within walking distance of home because my partner, (we’ll call her M) broke a bolt trying to loosen the nuts to put on the spare. Good times. Now mind you we both start work at 4:30am, so it was rainy, and dark and Michigan in January is just cold no matter how thawed out it might be. Anyway, we trudged home, called off work and went to back to bed. In the afternoon we trudged back to the car with a can of liquid wrench. snaped off another bolt, managed to put on the spare and prayed the wheel wouldn’t fall off on the way home. It didn’t. Woot! +1 us.

soo today we drove (slowly) to work, M left early, took the car to tire shop, had new bolts put on wheel and left it at that because payday is Friday and well money is tight, we figured we could wait two more days for a new tire right? Wrong!

On the way home from work we hit, you guessed another pot hole and blew you guessed it different tire. Soo. we have the spare on the driver side and a flat on the passenger side and we were in just the nicest neighborhood in town. (can you read sarcasm, boys and girls?). so, we pulled over on a side street and walked to the nearest convenience store that has our credit union’s atms in it, wrote a check from one account to cover the cash we needed to take out of a 2nd account, walked back to the car, called a friend that thank god lives in just the nicest neighborhood in town, headed to her place to call a tow truck to get us to tire shop to have new tires put on. Over all we walked about 3 unplanned miles today.

And now you’re asking yourself ‘ok, where does the glad she had the transplant come into play?’. About half way between convenience store and walking to my friends house I realized I hadn’t eaten in 8hrs and I was ridiculously hungry. About that time I also realized that I had no food, or carb sources on me. Then I realized it didn’t matter because I haven’t been low in 8 months. The only time I go low anymore is when I consume large amounts of simple carbs with no protein or fat. Basically, if i have a regular coke on an empty stomach and dont eat anything else with in the next three hours I’ll go low.

So yeah, I’m glad I had the transplant today, I had unplanned exercise forced upon a stressfull situation, both of which in the past would have sent my blood sugars on an unpredictable roller coaster, invariably ending with me in a panic about where and how to get food. Today at least the blood sugar was no big deal and while I wasn’t happy to be hungry I was happy to be hungry and unconcerned about it!

And now I have four new tires to boot!. :slight_smile:


Not glad at all about the tire problems, but what a happy ending to not have to worry and struggle (in an already complicated situation ) about where to get food. YayIslets!!