One touch Verio Flex?

My insurance dictates what meter I use. My One Touch Verio Flex does not seem to be keeping the battery very long, less than 2 months. Anyone else ever see this problem? I have asked my endo to order me a new one. See if that works. Thanks for any information. Nancy50

The Bluetooth option takes a lot of battery, if you turn It off it should last longer. The cr2032 batteries are the same as the blucon batteries in libre NFC to Bluetooth, on Amazon, you can buy 100 for about $30…if you don’t want to do that, ask your endo for the original verio…no Bluetooth, but it uses 2 AAA batteries and seems to last forever.

Usually your insurance dictates the strips you use. Your strips are compatible with several other Verio meters that have very different battery choices.

I don’t think it is available new anymore but I really like the Verio IQ which just requires a charge every few months. And is super skinny.

Also there is the Verio meter (non-IQ, non-Flex) that takes two AAAs (non-rechargeable) and these seem to last well over a year

Thanks, wish I could get a freestyle Libre but medicare has rules. My previous meter lasted much longer. Hoping new one takes care of the problem. Amazon battery was interesting , will check it out. Nancy50

Got my new meter and am all connected. Thanks everyone. Nancy50