One touch verio flex

I test5-6 times a day,on average. My meter shows low battery about every 2 months. It happened last night at 9. Anyone else have this problem? I have purchased 2 new meters over the past year ,still does it. Any ideas. Nancy50

I don’t have any personal experience with this meter but it appears a short battery life has been an issue for a while. Here’s a 2017 review from Kerri Sparling that mentions a short battery life.

The battery life doesn’t appear to be awesome. My glucose meters in the past have taken over a year to burn through a battery, but I’ve already replaced the Flex battery after about a month. I’m sure the bluetooth transmission cycles the battery quickly, but it was irritating to have to switch out the battery so soon.

Perhaps you could pick up a meter that uses the same strips but does better with battery life. I use a bluetooth enabled mater that only requires a battery change a few times per year. Changing batteries every two months seems unreasonable to me.

I have an old one touch that I got with my Minimed pump 5 years ago. It transmits the value to the pump which I’m not using now. So I would think it would run out fast but it actually lasts years.
Now On dexcom I don’t test much at all
If It hasthose button batteries, they never last. Mine uses a rectangular battery much thinner than a 9 volt.

The meter uses a small round battery. I have sent them an email, interesting to see what they say. Thanks,Nancy50

@Nancy50, I have found the 1T Verio does about 250 tests per battery. When I was doing 10-12 tests per day, less than a month was customary.

Hope this helps. Please share what you learn from LifeScan.

No word back from them yet. I have a new battery. So we are working again. Nancy50

I have two, although I infrequently use them since I started using the Dexcom G6. I don’t remember a problem with batteries. Even then, changing it every 2 months doesn’t seem horribly excessive.

As for what might help, turn off Bluetooth if it is enabled, and only turn it one when/if you synchronize with the app, and only synchronize once a week, or every few days.

BTW, I buy the coin batteries in groups of 10, so even at 2 every 2 months, a whole sheet would last 10 months…

I live in a small town, wanted $7 for 1. So we had to go to the bigger city got 4. I am going to have one of my kids get some on prime. Good idea about WiFi. Thanks, Nancy50

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It’s cheaper and faster from Amazon. I buy 10 for under $7, free shipping, next day delivery…

I think if you turn off off the bells and whistles, the battery life improves a lot. On the other hand, I found this meter to be quite inaccurate and would never use it if I had a choice.

My Medicare’s choice, not mine.

Nancy Matulis