Do you use the supplied one touch VerioIQ meter that came with the t:slim

I am getting my pump next week and need to renew my test strips. Currently I use the OneTouch ultrmini. I was cutious if the features like Fbs trending notifications, meal labeling (before/after meals) and the integration with the Tandem software were worth the change over. OR did you keep using your old meter?



Krztina my son is on the t:slim. Because we got ours through a distributor and not Tandem we didn't get the VerioIQ so we are still using his old meter. Sorry I can't compare them for you but using his Freestyle Lite has been no problem.

I got the Verio, used it for three months and then went back to my One Touch. But that was just a matter of preference, not that the meter was no good.

I never paid any attention to the tracking features. Integration with the Tandem software was nice, but since I enter my BG into my pump most of the time it was not essential to me. The flashlight at the top was useful for testing at night and the meter uses a very small drop of blood.

The first reason is switched back to the One Touch is the rechargeable battery. It was annoying to have to recharge it. I'd rather replace a battery than look for a place to plug in if I'm travelling.

The second reason is that it requires its own specialized strips. I use two meters, one for most of the day and a One-Touch mini for when I'm exercising or hiking. So I need one strip that will work in both meters. But that's just me.

Sadly, the Verio was just upgraded after I switched back so that it can now communicate directly with a smartphone. Aaargh!