OneTOUCH UltraSmart meter to the first hand raised

Cleaning out my years of diabetes detritus accumulated over the last 15 years, came across my trusty One Touch UltraSmart glucometer. I’d lost it years ago, and almost bought a replacement but then went on the Omnipod which filled those functions.

The UltraSmart was one of the first comprehensive logging meters, intent being to eliminate written logbooks, etc. There are features to analyze BG readings and trends, graphing, logging medication, meal nutritional information (carbs/protein/fat/etc.), weight, exercise, and more.

It’s a particularly good tool for T2s taking oral meds or simply diet and exercise – you really don’t need anything else to manage your condition. Also, the doc can download all the information. A great tool for T1s as well, but the lack of insulin dosing calcs, tracking IOB, and even just logging insulin (IIRC it doesn’t provide for that) require other tools in addition to the UltraSmart meter. I haven’t checked, but maybe theres a firmware update for the meter since I bought it, like, ten years ago that can be flashed to add some of these features.

Anyway, I don’t need it, and am giving it away. First private message requesting it (please include mailing address info and phone number) and I’ll mail it next week.

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Dave—I would love it. I have the same model, but it is on its last legs and my new insurance won’t cover a newer version…Message on the way…Thanks for the kindness to our community, whoever gets it!..Blessings

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You win the race, Judith! It’s on it’s way this week.

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I also have a brand new UntraSmart Meter. Well not quite brand new because the unused sample strips with it are from 2008. As far as I can tell I never used it. The batteries were corroded, but when I just put in new ones, it started the set-up process. If anyone wants it, let me know. I’ll even include the unused strips from 2008!

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I just got my doctor to prescribe one touch strips and only have a mini, so I would take it if you PM me I can give you my address.