Opinions, please

So my insurance, out of the blue, has decided to really limit providers for my meter supplies.

I have called almost everyone that they cover as providers, and almost all are Mail Order companies; I'd prefer to go in person, but the brick & mortar ones only carry 1 private brand a piece!

Anyway, I am currently using the Prodigy meter (hate it), and my 2 choices left seem to be jumping through hoops for the One Touch Ultra supplies OR ordering the Bayer Contour.

Has anyone used both the One Touch and Bayer Countour? Which do you prefer, and why?

here's a discussion of the One Touch vs. the Bayer with many replies

Anyone switching Bayer Contour Next?

thank you!!

Ugh. I hope the copay is low. If not, I'd go generic and just pay for it.

I hated the one touch Ultra and haven't read good things about Bayer. There are generics I trust more (Walmart Reli-On, Advocate Redi Code,