Opsite Flexifix

Where do you find this ? Can it be ordered from Dexcom or Minimed or is it off the shelf ? Thanks in advance !

I ordered my from a local pharmacy that carries medical supply stuff. You can also get it from American Diabetes Wholesale - theirs was actually cheaper than what I paid for mine but I was in a hurry when I bought my first roll. Here is the link for them:


Thanks so much - just ordered it !

Great ! Just ordered it !

DS went swimming with the sensor on using the flexifix under the sensor (exception for the insertion point) and then we also taped on top of the sensor padding (not the sensor itself). It worked great the first time he went swimming . … i let him swim 30 minutes and then had him come out for 15 . . . then the next day he went swimming again and it immediatley came off . . any suggestions ? !

Here’s another good website. Price is very cheap but it evens out with the shipping:


I'm new to using the Dexcom G4. In the manual, it suggested that you don't tape over the transmitter, why is that? Does it interfere with the connection or make it less accurate?

I'm more comfortable covering the entire transmitter so it doesn't fall out.

You might want to check out this thread too.

Even doing a search on opsite flexifix may pull some info on this. I personally don’t cover the transmitter and don’t have any problems. I’ve been very impressed with opsite (4").