Orange Juice in the Office

I have a question for my fellow desk job workers out there…I’ve always kept honey at my desk/office job but nothing seems to jolt my body back from a low like a sip of orange juice! I was fortunate enough to have a mini fridge that my boss loaned me at my previous job but the fridge at my new office is miles away. I know I’m being a diva here but I refuse to keep Juicy Juice at my desk. I think I drank so much of it as a child for a low that I literally have nightmares with the sip of it. Any tips on how to keep the OJ cold inside my office without purchasing an expensive fridge are appreciated.

How about just a small Igloo Cooler?

NOT juicy-juice.

(But still does not require a fridge)

The only downside to these is that I will steal them.
ha ha ha


Skittles require no refrigeration. 1 carb each. there are a number of flavors available. the best price is the large packages at Walmart. they raise my bg’s very fast.

Swedish Fish for me - About 2g carbs each, 50 grams per package and a couple of packs easily fit in even a small pocket.

A medjool date will correct a low. Very easy to store and very healthy.

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I’ll have to try these at some point.

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I’ve kept these in my desk drawer before but the only problem is they are so good that I overeat them! Ha orange juice is just not the same. I agree they are healthy and delicious!

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I just hate the idea of lugging it to the break room to fill it with ice but yes, I have considered this.

Don’t bring it to the break room for Ice, bring a small ice pack from home along with the OJ. Ice pack should last a couple of days.

Minute maid also has Orange Juice (10oz) that you don’t have to refrigerate until you open it. Although if you can find the Ocean Spray ones that Tim35 pictured they are better because they are smaller. OJ has always worked the best for me too and the Minute Maid ones do taste good.

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I’m thinking of switching to Skittles as @Dave44 suggested. I also fear that I might over do it since they taste so much better than Dex4 tabs (which seem to take 30 minutes to begin raising my BG)

Like you, for me good old OJ works far quicker than even Coke

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I use Jelly Belly jelly beans. One gram carb each, and I like the taste very much. Also, I’ve successfully trained myself not to eat them unless I am low! (That wasn’t as easy as it sounds)

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Under ADA ask for an accommodation, to have a mini fridge if that is what you feel you need. Nancy50

Gatorade will bring you up super fast and doesn’t require refrigeration. They come in small 12oz bottles. I have these stashed everywhere.


At my previous job I had my own office and my own fridge - it was great! Now I’m in a tiny shared office but I don’t even have to get out of my chair to open the fridge. I keep a box of Capri Sun in there. I find that they work really fast for me and even though they say 13g of carbs, sometimes it seems like much less and I need 2 of them. Even though they’re better cold I do also keep some on my bedside table in case I need them during the night. They’re fine at room temperature. For some reason 100% juice doesn’t work well for me.

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I never actually used it, but something that I have (I don’t remember how I ended up getting it, since it was a long time ago) is a USB Fridge. You can see it at:


I keep the small bottles of ginger ale in my car and at home. 35 grams in the bottle. 1/2 bottle quickly takes care of my low. Not the best tasting warm but does the job.

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My neighbor buys 8 oz cans of OJ for that purpose. He gets them by the case at Smart & Final. Runs him ~$8 for 24 cans of nirvana.

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