So I placed my order for my starter set today. I’m kind of nervous for the transition and HOPING that I like it as much as everyone else seems to. I’m worried about working out with it and it coming off. I do crossfit training so its not exactly your everyday gym session. We’ll see how it goes, I guess.

Any pointers or questions I should ask my trainer??

Any help is appreciated!!!

You might want to make sure your trainer knows that you do crossfit training so that he or she will advise you on the best place to put your pod. Some people have had success with putting coban wrap over the pod, especially when the pod is placed on the upper arm.

Best wishes to you in this new adventure in your life. :slight_smile:

Kristina…Congrats on making the change! I’m a newbie and have been on the Pod for 3 months and I resisted being attached or having something on me but I honestly don’t know how I’d ever go back! I’ve not had any major issues other than 1 pod that I ripped off my self… If you haven’t already read some of the starter tips you might consider. I read a ton of stuff on TuD before I started which I think made my transition smooth…Best of Luck to you!

I wouldn’t worry about the crossfit training at all (though I would let your trainer know you do it)
I am a waterskiier, kiteboarder, wakeboarder and otherwise outdoor enthusiast…the pod will be great! You might want to look back at some previous threads about helping the pod stick during exercise (I use a Coban wrap, or a self-adhesive bandage, to keep it nice and tight when I am hiking, and a neoprene wet-top when I am doing water sports…)
Look into some sort of barrier wipe if you have protective skin…
and most of all, COME ASK US if you have any questions!
THe people here are THE BEST!