ok quick question how do you order your sensors?? is it possible to do it online or do you have to call?

I get mine from EdgePark. I have a standing order with them. I recieve an email prior to shipping and if I need to make any changes (add, delay, etc) I do it by email.

You have to call b/c their online ordering system is down…

They are open 8-5 Pacific Time…

I am in the same boat as Bill. My Dexcom sensor orders go through EdgePark and I have to confirm through email, a phone call or visiting their website about sending out my next order. They have a nice system in place by notifying you through email and then having you confirm before anything is shipped out.

me too.

I order direct from Dexcom. They give a slight discount if you shedule deliveries. The schedule is not that ridgid sa you can delay shipments.


I typed “dexcom sensors” into Google search and this site came up at the top of the page. You can order. You should use Google more often.


yea i knew about dexcom ordering just wanted to see what other places people get them from that are possibly orderable online even and easier but without taking weeks to go through my insurance because dexcom told me it would be $70 for each 4 sensors so anything more then that would just be throwing away money