Oscar (my pump)

So three years ago I switched. I used for almost 15 years my injections yet I needed to change. I'm going to be honest. It wasn't first choice at all. I actually didn't want that enormious thing on body!

Now 3 years later I realise that it was one of the better choices I made so far. My life is much eassier. I call my pump always as a male. reason? No idea at all. Yet I gave him the name oscar. Yes might seem stupid but together we're fighting against that big monster which becomes taller with the day.

This week I had an appointment with my doctor. Just like every 3 months. Just one issue. It isn't well at all. So right now I'm going every 2 days 2 the hospital. Not funny but it's necessary so we just do it. You know as I wrote on my front page. Diabetes is just like love I just mean that sometimes I can just throw that pump through the window and you know, freak out. Only the social control refuses me to do it. sometimes I get the feeling that nothing turns out right. But you know I think that I found finally, after 17 years, my way to deal with it.
3 years ago I also thought that I knew it but obviously I didn't. Maybe 5 years later I will regret what I wrote down here. But then unless I have something to look up 2 ;D

This year was really my year and hope to continue that next year. About to produce an educational game for diabetes,... so much more....

I hope for y'all that next year will be the best in your life!