Our beloved brokenpole

Our wonderful community member brokenpole is in the hospital right now with a high fever and tenacious infection in his legs. Sparky (as he's also known) is an incredibly active and supportive member of our community, so I wanted to share the news so you can send him your good thoughts, prayers, messages etc. Sparky's wife, Sharon (aka smokinbeaver) is also a member of TuDiabetes, and I'm sure could also use our support right now.

Let's make a "Get Better" message wall in the discussion below...

Check out Sparky's photos and blog posts! He's a real character, and a fantastic guy :)

Thanks Emily for your post ....my thoughts and prayers are off to both brokenpole Sparky and smokinbeaver Sharon for a speedy recovery ...from across the line ( Canada)

Sparky we're all here if u need any of us! {{{hugs}}}

hope you are on the mend and out of hospital soon, sparky!

I hope they are able to get you better asap and you'll be back online with us all.Sharon we are here for you as well.

Hi Sparky, my wishes for a speedy recovery. We're missing your daily cheerful encouragement. Again my best wishes for your leaving the hospital quickly, even though the nurses will surely miss you. I am definitely thinking of Sharon as well. Thanks for this post, Emily.

Sparky, get better soon! We've been missing your thoughtful comments and your sense of humor. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I know you're keeping those nurses entertained, though, aren't you?! :)

Sharon, please know that we're all thinking of you and are with you in spirit. If you need to talk, vent, or rant, we're here waiting with plenty of hugs. Take care.

My best wishes for a speedy recovery, we miss you already!

Sparky, we are thinking of you strongly, and sending you the most positive vibes we can for your complete and rapid recovery, comfort to you and the family during this time, and our wishes to see you back here soon! (((((HUGS)))))

Sending good thoughts your way, Sparky. Hang in there. You are a much loved member of this community.

Yikes Sparky! I'm sorry to hear that you're in the hospital! I hope neither the infection nor the gross food do you in! We'll miss your posts while you are on the DL so I hope you are back in action soon!

We're related through Diabetes and when one of us are sick it's like we're family. So I pray for Brokenpole that he will recover soon and his family should know my prayers are with them.

Hope they find what make you better soon Sparky! Sending healing energy to you both.

Sending you prayers for strength and speedy recovery Sparky. Hope to see you back soon ;)

Sometimes, we must go right into the belly of the beast. We must do battle with the beast itself. I pray for Sparky to have the strength to surmount this challenge.

Get Better, Jon! May your next and best reward be a return home. I am sending well wishes and good karma your way.

Hang tough Sparky we need you back here!

Sparky, You are such a positive inspiration to us all. Praying for a speedy recovery.

God bless you and Sharon

Eek! Only thing worse than army grub! Hospital grub! Wish you a speedy recovery!!!

brokenpole....Get well soon.