Our little present is on the way! Due May 4th 2015!

Hello all! I am new to this group, just wanted to introduce myself. I am Mekenzie, Kenzie for short. I am 22 years old and married to my high school sweet heart. I am in my last semester of nursing school and have been a type one diabetic since 9 days after my first birthday. Pretty nervous about my first baby, but beyond excited! Had my appointment today and we decided to not look, so they placed the gender in a box and wrapped it for us to open on Christmas day! Boy or girl, I will be thrilled either way! But ready or not, baby D is due May 4th of 2015!

Hi Kenzie and congrats to you! I just had my first baby 3 months ago. I’ve been a diabetic for 18 years. It was very exciting yet nerve wracking when we found out we were pregnant. Were you under good control before pregnancy? My advice to you would be to stay on top of ur bgs and make sure you have a good group of doctors, also a good support system whether it be family and or friends. Are you on MDIs or pump? I’m also am on a cgm (Dexcom), which was a life saver (I highly recommend).

Congrats again and enjoy every single minute of this beautiful blessing!!:slight_smile:

I have both a pump, and a cgm. Yeah, I was under okay control, could have been better. We weren't actively trying, but wasn't preventing either lol.. I am excited just nervous... I feel like I have a good support system, but am glad to be on here as well. I feel like I have really popped out the last few days. My back isn't use to this.

Btw, are u on Instagram? If so, I’m robinsonmo

Congratulations! My husband and I are expecting as well and baby is due on June 7th! It will be so exciting to find out the gender on Christmas! Couldn't ask for a better present. Best of luck to you!

Hi Kenzie, my name is Chaya and our babies are due very close together. My girl is due on May 12! I am 38 years old and live in California. It is my first child and I am a type 2 diabetic. I thought Id say hello, since we are due so close together! Congrats! Did you open the gender surprise box on Xmas?!

Yes we did, and found out we would have added a baby girl to our family. However, sadly on December 30th I went in with my second round of heavy bleedjng and cramps and just bad pains. When we got there early that morning, we were devastated to hear that there wasn’t a heart beat. So we actually lost out baby girl December 30th. But I do wish you the best of luck with your pregnancy. Any names picked out?