And again it’s been MONTHS since I’ve posted anything. It’s probably time I updated! My son is now a little over a year old and I am 7 weeks pregnant with baby #2!! I’m due April 30th, though my doctor will take the baby closer to 36 weeks as standard practice for Type 1 diabetics at my hospital. No big deal, I don’t really mind.

Life has been fantastic, Douglas is a fantastic little boy and growing like a weed! We are participating in our Walk to Cure Diabetes next Wednesday, I’m almost at my fundraising goal! Wish us luck :slight_smile:

Congratulations, Dara. I’m 18 weeks into my first pregnancy. I wish you nothing but the best!

Congratulations:) Babies make me smile.

Yeah it is usually standard practice for T2 at 36 weeks also. I had a amnio but he was not ready yet. But he is 4 and healthy. You have a beautiful little boy by the way. And good luck on #2 baby. They had a ride to cure diabetes here in the mountains today, I hope they raise a lot of awareness and money for the cause.

Congrats! Best wishes to you!!