Our Second Baby is Born

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to drop you all a quick line to say, "my husband and I had our second baby"!

Do you feel like you need some encouragement along the way during your pregnancy?

Just know that other women with type one have done it and so can you!

Check out the baby picture here, along with my birth story:


Does anyone out there have more than 2?

Just wondering how you found subsequent pregnancies?

Hi Melissa! I have actually read most of your blog entries--I can't remember where I came across your blog info (maybe a google search or a link from another website?), but it's nice to see you check in here! This group isn't terribly active these days. I am not currently pregnant, but am hoping to be in a few months. My A1c is not where it needs to be and I have to do IVF due to sperm issues with my hubby, so I am in complete and utter non-control of anything in my life right now and am feeling extremely frustrated. And after three months of intense work on my sugars, my last A1c only went from 8.4 to 8.3! Ahhh!! I am also on the 'older' end of mommyhood, so I feel my clock tick tick ticking LOUDLY. Anyway, just wanted to say hello, and to thank you for your very frank and helpful blog. I really related to your post of wanting to be the one who got to make the decision of when to get pregnant, rather than having to get "permission" from your doctor. I'm doubly bound by those restraints and it's hard. p.s. congratulations on your two beautiful littles!

Hi Shelby,

Thanks so much for saying "hi" and letting me know that you've found the blog helpful!

People like you are what makes it all worth while :)

I can certainly relate to your frustration with feeling things are out of control. It seems part of having type one but I'm feeling for you with your other challenges as well.

Hang in there my friend and please update me with how things are going :)

Take care,

Melissa Shannon

Congratulations! Yay for you and your family! Some of my family wasn't supportive of my third child and/or pregnancy with diabetes. I realize this is due to ignorance but it still hurts nonetheless. Good for you! You did it! :) I've followed and read your blog. I have 3 kidlets but I was diagnosed T1 after my second child. So I've only had one T1 pregnancy with my third child. My husband and I are prepping to conceive this coming month after a false alarm last month. This would be our fourth and final child. I know I can do one more pregnancy but thats my personal limit. Having 3 children and diabetes is hard work everyday! I feel like my diabetes is having another child that I have to take care constantly. Having a pump helps me a lot, so that takes some pressure off of me. I'm 31, soon to be 32 this year and I can see how my body is getting older, diabetes doesn't help that. Staying healthy for me and my family is a full time job.

Hi Busy Bee,

That's so inspiring!

I'm so glad to hear of your courage to try for a fourth. It's tough no doubt but these lil ones are so worth it.

I know what you mean by lack of support too...my dad said something like, "well this should be your last"...when we told him we were pregnant with our second.

I know people worry about us...but truthfully...all pregnancies involve some risk...even when people seem perfectly healthy. But that's life, it involves risk.

Please keep us updated if you become pregnant..,would love to know how things are going.

All the best,

Melissa Shannon