Second baby... omgggg!


I am currently 10 weeks pregnant with my second baby, it was completely unplanned and now I am starting to worry a little bit because of everything that I know can go wrong with Type 1 pregnancies.

My blood sugars have gone on a roller-coaster ride and before I knew that I was pregnant, I was in the 400+ bs range a couple times. I've read that high blood sugar in early pregnancies can cause downs syndrome and other problems.. but when I shared my concerns with my Perinatologist, she let me know that I didn't have any other risk factors for downs, so I just have to control my blood sugar tightly from here on out.

I have a healthy 17-month old son, who is the light of my life and I can't believe I am going to be a mom of 2!

Being a diabetic is a full-time job in itself, but it really prepared me for being a mom and learning to laugh and not take things to seriously.

I hope the best for all of your pregnancies and look forward to hearing updates about your little ones!

Here's a picture of my son ;)

6743-colepicss.jpg (1.19 MB)

Congrats! Welcome to the two babies club - it is a lot of fun, and you will be amazed at how different your kids will be. I am so blessed to have two kids and I can’t imagine my life without either one of them!

Congrats on your good news! I wouldn’t sweat the early blood sugars, babies have some way of protecting themselves at that point. I didn’t know I was pregnant with my 2nd, and I’d had a bit too much to drink a few times before I found out, I was so worried. Caroline is a healthy, normal 8 year old now with tons of energy. Having 2 is hilarious, 3 is insane ( I have 3)

Good luck and enjoy. 2nd pregnancies are so different than 1st ones. I found myself more relaxed and able to enjoy it.