Outdated Test Strips

Has anyone ever used outdated test strips? I have a friend that works in a doctor’s office and she is giving me all of their outdated One Touch Ultra strips because they can’t use them. Anyone know if they are safe to use when outdated?

I have had mixed experiences. I usually test twice at the same time-- once with an expired test strip and once with one that is still good. If the results are within a few mg/dl then I use them. But I agree with Dave that you should be careful about this! Though I guess free test strips are hard to turn down…

Thanks. I will definitely be careful, but you are right Kristin, free is hard to turn down since they are sooooo expensive. I’ll have to wait to see how far outdated they are. They have been stored in a doc’s office so they were not exposed to high temps or any extreme conditions. I hope they work. How nice it would be to not have to buy them for a while.

One source i can give you is http://www.americandiabeteswholesale.com/ this is a place you can get the strips at wholesale prices and most of the time it’s like 50 percent off and sometimes even 60 percent off. Give them a try this might help you out as well.

Thanks David. I actually found them through a link on here today. I have great insurance and have a fairly small copay but the free thing is still appealing if they will be ok to use. I appreciate all the help though.

FYI, I found an even better price at http://www.healthwarehouse.com They are about 50% off and do not charge shipping.

For discounted test strips, try eBay. There are many people selling them there, and you can usually get them for 50-60% of the drug store retail price. They are not free, but they are also not outdated.