Pink screen?

For the last 4 years or so, I've been using the Omnipod system. While I absolutely love it, for some reason I've just had the urge to use my old Animas 2020 for a few days, maybe a week or so. I'm not sure why, I just feel like it. Anyways, last night I put a new (alkaline) battery in the Animas pump so I could update my settings and whatnot, and when it turned on, all of the text on the screen was pink instead of white. Does anybody know what would cause this? Is it because I used an alkaline battery instead of lithium? I did select "alkaline" while setting it up. Do you think it's safe to use? Everything seems to be working fine, it's just the screen color that's weird. I'd call animas, but considering I haven't been a customer of their's in 4 years... I figured I'd ask around first. Here's what it looks like:

I don't know anything about these things, but I'd guess maybe the LCD pixels are burning out? Or else need to "warm up" somehow after being off for so long? I use alkaline batteries in my pump all the time, and have had it for almost three years with no problems.

I had this same problems. Animas told me it was the pixels burning out. My pump is about 3 1/2 years old so they replaced the pump.

I had this after 4 years of use; it was burnt out pixels. Animas replaced it as it was still under the 5 year warranty.