Pairing Dexcom G6 iPhone App w 2 Apple watches

I received a new Apple Watch as a gift and my old Apple Watch is version 4 which I keep as a back up which had connected fine. I have paired both watches to my iPhone 13 Pro now but the Dexcom G6 app bluetooth connection is not connecting to my old watch and is now intermittently connected to my new Apple Watch. Apple wants me to reset the whole iphone connections which seems foolish and Dexcom has no further guidance for connecting to 2 watches that I can find. I’m hoping someone in our community has done this and can advise me.
Thanks ahead of time!

It’s easier to delete the old connection and start just using the new one. Dexcom doesn’t seem to like going back and forth.

Yes, I am experiencing that! So I think that I must only use my old watch as a some-times back up!

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Hey, for anyone interested I did find a work around by adding the SugarMate app to my iphone and watches. Get Started with Sugarmate here! So now I have deleted Dexcom 6 app from my 2nd watch and use the SugarMate app exclusively on that watch and keep the Dexcom 6 app on my main watch. I am SO happy that it works! Sugarmate shows my BG on the iCloud calendar on both watches. The Sugarmate app has a LOT of info available on my iphone but simply shows the BG on the iCloud calendar on both watch and iPhone.