Apple watch issues with new iphone

Our daughter’s iphone 6 finally died so we bought a new iphone XR. Dexcom works fine with the new phone and the watch will pair just like it is supposed to. However the Dexcom app no longer works. I called Dexcom and I was told they have never heard of this issue. The watch is a series 3 and it worked fine with the iphone 6S.

When I go into the app on the phone there are no settings or anything to see what the app is doing on the watch.

Thanks for any suggestions! She would love to get her watch working again.

I’ve always had issues with the Dexcom app pairing with my first generation Apple Watch. I’ve found the work around is to use the Sugarmate app paired with the follow app. I rarely have issues now. Hope that helps!

Plus I love that Sugarmate gives me the time of the last reading and a -/+ up and down indicator. My Dexcom reading froze enough that I didn’t trust it was a recent reading - this feature gives me peace of mind that it is, indeed, a current reading.

I used a series 3 for a couple years until 6 weeks ago I got a newer series 6 watch.

I would recommend in uninstalling the Dexcom App from the apple watch (not the phone).

Either use the apple watch app to uninstall or uninstall from the watch its self.

Then restart the watch.

Then using the apple watch app on the phone reinstall the app to the watch.

I’ve had to do that a few times over the years to get around these type of issues.

I don’t think its a dexcom issue, I think its an issue with the apple watch install process sometimes failing in a weird way.

Thanks Chris, will give it a shot when I get home. If that doesnt work I may try using the Sugarmate listed above with the follow app on the phone. But will I need to send her a follow request to herself?

The only thing that I can add is that I know there were recent issues with the iOS operating system where the security certificates were expired and it caused diabetes software apps to fail. I wonder if the same thing happened in the watch operating system.

People have had to reinstall/update everything.

Just an update. Pretty strange as I don’t understand this but anyway we bought the new iphone last Monday. Got it set up with Dexcom and it was a very easy process. Then paired the watch and as stated above no G6 readings. Wednesday I saw the suggestions here and wanted to try them when I got home. After work I took a look at the watch and there were readings! I asked if anyone had done anything with it and was told the watch had been in the same place we left it two days earlier and no one had touched it. It just started getting numbers on its own.

As for the new iphone it is due for a ios update 14.something and when I talked to Dexcom they told me to turn auto updates off because G6 software only works up to ios 13.6. Wonder if I should go ahead and do the system update?

I have iOS 14.2 on my XS phone and it is working fine. In general I find the G6 application on the watch to be close to worthless unless I keep it open and don’t use other apps. I use Sugarmate along with the calendar app to see my Dex numbers on my Apple Watch 2. It works most of the time, but not all of the time.

Very odd. It worked since my last post until a couple of days ago and now doesn’t work again on the watch. It displays the image I posted before but she said it will still alert her if she has a low. No idea why it won’t show a number but then will alert/vibrate. Will look into trying the suggestions above and see what happens.

Updated the phone to 14.2 abs updates the software on the watch. Working fine now. Took 14 hours to download the update because our phone/cable/internet has a line cut locally where service barely worked for 3 days. Just glad the watch is working again!

If you don’t mind, could you please define: abs. I tried searching for a definition but came up empty. Thanks.

Dang cell phone! Should say AND UPDATED. So I updated software on both. Sorry for the confusion. :grin:

Strange thing about the watch, when it wasn’t working it would not display a number but she said it would vibrate if she went low or high so there was some type of communication.