Pairing Issue with my Dexcom G5 CGM

My Dexcom G5 Receiver failed during a 7day session. So I stopped the Sensor session and removed the activated G5 Transmitter with about 60 days of life left. I ordered a new G5 Receiver. Now to my problem. I was told that my activated Transmitter could be paired with my new Receiver by starting a new Sensor session. So when I receiver the new Receiver I inserted a new Sensor and entered the Transmitter SN into the new Receiver after setting it up… I then placed the transmitter on the Sensor for pairing. The Bluetooth icon was flashing and continued to flash for several hours without pairing with the Transmitter. So, how do you pair an activated Transmitter with a new Receiver? I don’t have a spare new Transmitter and I wasn’t aware that you can’t pair an Activated Transmitter with a new Receiver. I have and rechecked the SN I entered in the new Receiver and can’t see any problem. I am posting this problem here because I don’t what to go through all the fanfare of calling Dexcom support.

I believe your problem is that you still have your old receiver hanging around and it is causing interference as you can only have a G5 transmitter number in 1 active Dexcom receiver at a time. Go back to your old receiver, make sure session is stopped. Then go to Settings>Transmitter and change the transmitter code to anything you want other than the number of your activated transmitter. You should then have no problem pairing your old transmitter with your new receiver.

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I would love to do that, but when I said my Received failed I should have said it shutdown with no warning and will not load up or turn on again. If the old Receiver is shutdown would that not eliminated it from causing a problem since it is no longer talking with the Transmitter? How about if I take a hammer to it, lol. It would appear that I need to wait for my next new Transmitter or fuss at Dexcom about the problem.

You could try putting the receiver into a microwave where it can’t communicate, at all, with anything.

But, I agree with CJ114 about the potential source of failure. These 2 things talk back and forth. Its likely that that there is info stored from the previous pairing inside both devices. So, I’m guessing that you will have to wait. But, fingers crossed for ya’.

Dexcom might have thought of this. Odd. I would think they would have anticipated this if it was a problem. Give it a shot and see.

Shove it in the microwave, several hundred feet away from your transmitter or anywhere it can’t connect to your transmitter. I just know from past experience with failed G5 receivers that if there is any way your transmitter is talking to your old receiver, you can’t pair that code on a new G5 receiver. Just because your old receiver will not turn on, does not mean it is no longer talking to your transmitter. This issue started with the release of G5.

The G5 transmitter begins to degrade while in the box, but slowly, because it is sending out Bluetooth signals. So even if it won’t turn of, it is still sending signals to Bluetooth. Totally agree that you should put the receiver that won’t turn on in the microwave and later take it far away.