Parents of Adolescents with Type 1: Please Help!

I am a senior undergraduate psychology major at Bates College in Lewiston, Maine, in need of participants to take part in my web-based survey addressing the psychological development of adolescents with type 1 diabetes. For those of you who are interested in helping with my study, there is a $25 raffle that parents and children can enter upon completion of the surveys.

I am interested in pursuing the field of psychology, specifically, how type 1 diabetes can profoundly affect the psychological development and functioning of adolescents with this chronic illness. For my undergraduate thesis, I have created a web-based survey addressing the previously mentioned issues. This consists of a section for a parent to answer questions, as well as a section for the diabetic child to answer some questions. Psychological adjustment throughout adolescence for individuals with type 1 is limited in its field, thus it is pertinent to advance this sect of psychology in order to understand and better our knowledge for the future. This study is completely confidential, and I am more than willing to share any aspect of my study with anyone who has any questions once the study is completed.

Again, I am aware that this takes time, and time is precious, so I hope you decide to help by participating. If you and your child are interested in taking part in the raffle, there will be a section at the end of the parent’s survey where a contact email address can be entered in order for me to notify the winner.

I would appreciate your help, as the more participants, the better the turnout of the study. Your contributions are important!

If you are interested in participating, there are two links below: the top link is for the parent, and the bottom link is for the child. Thank you very much!

Parents, click here:

Adolescents, click here:

There were some technical difficulties last night, however, those issues have been resolved this morning and the surveys are up and running! I am in desperate need of parents with a diabetic child (11-17), so I hope that you can personally contribute to this pertinent field of research!
Thanks again!

This research project has been approved by TuDiabetes Administration.