Particles in Dexcom Receiver

I've had my Seven Plus system for about a month and a half now, and I've been very pleased with it so far. However, there is one annoyance that seems to be getting worse as time goes on. It first appeared a couple weeks ago after I played tag in the yard with my daughter. I looked at the screen to see how my blood sugar was trending, and noticed a small piece of grass in the corner of the screen. It looks to be just under the plastic viewing area. The grass is only about 1 mm wide and 2.5 mm long, and it doesn't block the screen. So while annoying, it doesn't affect functionality.

However, after mowing the lawn last night, I noticed dust particles now sitting on the inner screen. I can still see everything just fine, but I'm even more annoyed that a $1200 piece of equipment is so prone to these particles. The best advice Dexcom's tech support offers is to use the skin or cover (which I haven't done until now because of the extra size). For the next generation, I suggested a plastic pull-out clip for the data port, kind of like those on digital cameras, perhaps a mesh shield over the speaker opening.

Has anyone else experienced this with their receivers?

Oh yeah. There’s dog hair in mine.

Yep… though the sports case will help prevent them, and shes right, also the silicone sleeves seem to thwart more screen particles…

My is so full of dust that I have a hard time reading the screen when it’s bright out and the particles reflect the light. The silicon case has prevented further dust from getting in…but I agree there should be a fix that doesn’t require me spending an extra $10. You might try running a line of electrical tape around the perimeter but you’ll have to cut holes for the data cable and that little vent hole on the left side…

What is that little hole on the left side for?

Here is a link to one of our members who has come up with a solution

and another discussion

I use the rubber case and put it in the neoprene case (sports case)! Works good for me.

Thanks for the info and links. Seth, I believe the hole on the left side is for the speaker.

A single dog hair in mine that has been in the same position for about 6 months. Agree that next gen should “seal” the receiver better, and I also agree that I have no interest in a cover or anything else that makes the receiver bigger…it already is big enough.

not sure…but they left a vent in the silicon case which makes me believe it must be important…

Maybe this is the reason why the Dexcom Starter Kit comes with the sport case rather than the “normal” case now. Though it’s a pain to slightly unzip the case when charging batteries, the sport case protects the receiver much better.

And in the Starter Kit box I also found one of those silicone sleeves, but I am not using that. Still prefer to use the sport case.

Ciao, Luca

I use the silicon sleeve because it gives the receiver a nice tacky grip and a bit of protection if I do happen to drop it. I hate the sport case because it is too bulky and I never wear anything on my belt. I’m constantly carrying and handling my receiver. I did pick up some particles under the screen but that happened when I removed the sleeve to clean the screen with a cloth towel. Somehow small pieces of loose lint from the towel found their way under the screen.

It’s a reset button.

this is funny… Last night, Jesse showed me his reciever… and it looks like a white speck of something under the screen? like a piece of sand… How the heck did that happen???

Has anyone figured out a way to clean the lint out? It almost looks like the case could be pryed apart, but I’m afraid to try. I have a black dog hair under mine. It’s really starting to bug me.

When my first Dex reached it’s 1 year birthday, my insurance covered a second one, which came with a skin. The skin does a really good job of keeping dust and other stuff from getting under the screen.