Stuff getting INSIDE Dexcom receiver?

I have had my receiver for about 8 months now, and I have noticed small pieces of lint and even a hair off my own head that has somehow gotten under my screen, and is just chilling there. I have shaken and blown in the openings, but to no avail. The small pieces of lint actually move around on occasion, but that hair hasn't moved in months. Anyone else notice this? I have that rubber sleeve on it at all times. Any way to get the stuff out?

Compressed air.

Fortunately the Gen 4 has a little door to slide closed to keep out lint, etc. My 7+ receiver had lots of lint inside, but it never seems to interfere with the operation of the unit. Just made it look gross.

I used to work as an electronic technician and I would open up the 7+ and blow out the debris on the display and circuit boards. You have to use good grounding practice to handle the assembly. More recently, I just let them get dirty -- I have dog hair in mine now!

Try Nair

The door on my G4 broke off today, so I guess I will have to watch out for lint accumulation. I put a screen protector on the screen in the beginning so at least that should stay lint free.

Got you beat -- I have a skin flake in mine, LOL!! And, no, I don't know any way to get it out.

If I were you I'd call Dexcom for a replacement receiver. Unless you were doing something totally abusive to the pump, it seems to me that it should be replaced under warranty.

My project today is to put a screen protector on my receiver today before I manage to scratch it up. I haven't figured out what I'm going to do for a case and maybe I'll not use one. No way in the world will I use the case that came with it.

Did it really break or just pop out? As far as I can tell the micro USB port door on the G4 is just a small piece of plastic that is trapped in a slot.

All I did with the receiver was slide the door across to cover the usb connection and that door just basically is no longer there. So somehow it came off. It is super cheap plastic anyway but if there is a problem with the receiver I will whine and make them replace it.

You can buy a small star tool to remove the back & blow it out (in theory,) but I haven't tried this. I do know that after building a shed, my 7+ was filled with sawdust that would cause the screen to be less visible and shortly thereafter, it died. Because I'd had it longer than a year, however, my insurance company paid for a replacement G4 so I never needed to attempt the repair. Good luck!