Fiber in screen?

OK, on week 2 of my first sensor, and I can’t wait to see my endo tomorrow, this one is borrowed (from my daughter, she has type 1 too), I’m hoping he will support me in trying to get one from the insurance company. I am seeing like a fiber or hair in the screen. I know it’s not cracked, it moves and has a shadow. When I called dexcom to ask about it, they saud things can get into the screen through the download port. Anyone else experience this? I’m considering getting one of those rubber like skins to try and keep things from getting into it, but I was just wondering if anyone else has this problem.

Yep. Not only do I have a hair underneath the screen, but I also have a small fragment of lint or something in there. I ended up getting the Dexcom sport receiver case as it seemed like it covered things better. Now I kind of regret getting the sport case. It is a lot bulkier than I expected and honestly the clip that it has is kind of loose and doesn’t seem like it holds very well. I have been thinking about ordering a skin but haven’t gotten around to it yet.

If you do order the skins, call Dexcom to do it as I think the website only lets you do 2nd day FedEx, which is expensive. If you call you can request FedEx ground for $5…

Thanks fpr your opinion on the sports case, I was actually considering getting that one, but I know my daughter, she likes skins better than cases, but I would consider the sports case. Not if it’s going to add a lot more bulk to it though.

I went down to the local WalMart a got a cell phone case that fits the Dexcom. He stays firmly on my hip and out of my pocket where slogging around with all my other pocket trash wouldn’t do him any good. I got a skin but it was too bulky.

all kinds of crud gets into the Dexcom receiver, from four places:

(1) the cable connector port.
(2) gaps around the buttons.
(3) the hole for the speaker (at the end, it’s a cellphone speaker).
(4) the small, round reset switch hole on the back.

I have the impression that I got a lot more crud inside my earlier models. On my Seven+, I have covered the screen with a high quality “transparent laptop skin” which doesn’t fall off the way the Dexcom-provided screen protector does. By trimming this to cover the oval-shaped seam, as well as the screen, it seems to let in less stuff.

This is not as effective as a full cellphone case, of course. In the long term, I’m guessing that Dexcom is counting on pump partners to make the whole Receiver unnecessary. That will solve the “so easily drowned, not water resistant!” issue; and the “battery wears out after about 18 months, and CAN’T be replaced!” issue; and the “Why do I have to wear two gadgets instead of one?” issue all at once.

So I think that a lot of time and money invested in creating an upgraded case, and getting it through FDA approval, wouldn’t make sense for Dexcom. But I sure hope that one of those pump makers gets their Dexcom-compatible product out before my current pump dies-- the inspection timer on the old DTron+ is a fatal condition, not merely a “suggestion”, and I’ve only got about a year left on my last one.