Dexcom plastic "screen shield" UPGRADE OFFER :))

I know that nearly all of us have this problem, and I’ve found a really great solution: The thin plastic protector which Dexcom provides on the face of the screen doesn’t stick very well. And, after only a few weeks, so much dirt gets under the edges of the underside (the ADHESIVE side), that you can hardly make it stick at all…

And then, with loose edges flapping in the wind, it’s only a mater of time before the whole “protector” becomes useless, and you start finding all kinds of distracting crud on the inside of the screen. (For me, it’s mostly dog hairs.) it gets covered with dirt. Eventually, with nearly half of of it loose most of the time, we just tear it off, and start scratching up the LCD cover.

Does this sound familiar? I’ve found a perfect solution. Not iPOD covers, or cellphone covers-- they’re usually too small lengthwise, and hard to trim, and they cost just as much. This woman on eBay, seller “chachahat” sells a really GREAT, ultra-durable cover (intended for notebook PCs). I bought one. It comes in two pieces, one for the screen, and the other for the are below the keyboard (with the touch-mouse thingy in the middle, the area which gets all ratty from wrist contact and sweat and rubbing after a couple of years.) I cut off a little rectangle to approximately fit Dexcom; then trimmed that easier-to-handle little piece to fit the Dexcom screen closely; peeled off the backing and stuck it on.

WOW, it’s been absolutely perfect for over two weeks, under pretty extreme conditions of heat, dust, and movement. (I’ve been doing some construction and painting around the house and yard; the original Dex cover of my 7+ upgrade lasted just 3 days in these same conditions.) With shipping, I paid just under $18. You can do the same, it’s item number 140321952162.

But let me make you all another offer:

This “Laptop Computer Protective Film” kit is big enough to make about 24 of the Dexcom covers. None of us really need all those years worth of extra plastic film lying around the house. So, if you send me SASE, (small envelope with 1st class works fine), with $2 cash, I’ll cut off two adequate rectangles of this PC-screen and wrist-rest-area cover material and send them back to you-- final trimming and fitting to be done by you before removing the backing and sticking it on.

If you do the math, you’ll see that this is just a tiny bit better for me than break even: sending out 10-12 of these “2-piece Dexcom mini-kits” nets me enough to buy another one of her “Notebook PC kits” and keep the offer going indefinitely, without making outrageous profits off of you guys either. Just send the SASE with 2 bucks, and I’ll send two little rectangles of the material back in the envelope you provided.

Rick Stockton
3890 Vistacrest Dr.
Reno, NV 89509

Please don’t post replies asking whether the offer is still open-- THIS OFFER REMAINS PERMANENTLY OPEN UNTIL I POST OTHERWISE.) Of course, please DO feel free to post whether you liked 'em or not, or if there was any problem in getting them from me.

BTW, I trimmed my own to reach just a tiny bit over the “OK” button, I suspected that the seam between the left side of the button and the screen was letting in a lot of dirt. It turns out that I was right-- you DO want to trim extra carefully to cover that seam.