PDM....Just a heads up

I am on my 3rd PDM .. It is supposed to come today . Original one pooped out, 2nd one, that I received about 2 mos ago, is not working right.

I started pumping Last June...Thank goodness PDM it's still under warrantee and Insulet is taking care of business!

How frustrating! Fortunately we’ve found Insulet very good to work with too.

So sorry to hear that. I hope the next one lasts forever. I guess I was just lucky I still have my original one with no problems. Good luck!

Sheeesh! Hope the third try is the charm!

I still have my original PDM too. But last June when the 2nd generation version came out I ordered one. Two months after I received the PDM it quit working. Now I am on my second one of the 2nd generation PDM. Thank goodness that Insulet does take care of business, and I’m sure glad I didn’t toss the original one.

My first PDM died after about 5 days of use… just got vertical lines on the left side of the screen.
Ronnie brought me a spare one that he had to my school though, so it’s all good. Waiting on the new one in the mail right now.

6 days on first PDM - and it has gone through first set of batteries - and is having issues with turning on. If I shake it, I can get the original screen you see when you put the batteries in. But it flicks on and off.

Cannot wait to call Insulet. I will probably have to get my ping out and reset the info, then when the new PDM comes in have to scroll through all of the letters again because I had set 15 custom BG tags, some carb tags, etc.

I wonder if they will give me a purple skin for the trouble?

I call Insulet and they help re-program everything that was on the old one… They give you all the time you need!
So far the 3rd one is OK…BUT, it’s only been a few weeks…
I hope I don’t have any trouble with this one, we go on the road for 2 months during the summer. No home base to have to send something to…

I bet that is scary - I would definitely take insulin pens for backup if you do not have another backup pump. I did find out no purple skin for the inconvenience. Drats.

Have fun on your road trip. Sounds exciting.

Hope the new PDM doesn’t give you any trouble!