PDM keeps requiring reset

For the past couple of months, my PDM (newer model) has occasionally refused to turn on. No big deal – I just remove the batteries momentarily to reset the device. However, after it happened twice yesterday, I decided to call Insulet about it. They are overnighting a replacement, which should get here June 24. Has anyone else experienced similar problems?

Yes…I have 3 times…
I received my 3rd replacement a week ago. They asked me to return my PDM with the batteries I had in it… The new batteries would only last a week, I would have to keep re-inserting them. It would also go off and on by itself.
THey also told me to turn on the PDM BEFORE I put a test strip in. They feel that it could be a problem when folks just stick the test strip in to turn it on, which is what I was previously doing.

Yes, this happens to me a lot and I go through many batteries. I just thought the PDM ate up the energy.

Mine does this all the time… never thought about calling it in 'cause it has been so easy to fix. It did it just yesterday again. Maybe I’ll call them next time. I have noticed that it doesn’t matter how much life is in the batteries, it sometimes happens hours after I put new batteries in and sometimes weeks after I put them in.

This problem hasn’t seemed to affect my battery life at all. However, I always insert a test strip before turning the unit on.

I have had that problem, too. In addition to taking the batteries out, there is a tiny reset hole you can insert a pen or the end of a paperclip into to get it to turn back on. You can see it when you take the back off. Leave the batteries in when you do that, though.

When the Insulet rep told me about THAT trick, he said to call back if I continue to have problems, and they’ll send me a replacement pod. I’m guessing it’ll happen sooner rather than later.


The pod on mine is always fine after I take the batteries out and put them back in. I’ve never had to start up a new pod, lost any data, or had any communication issues with the pod. Also, it’s not at all affecting the battery life, it’s just sometimes strange that when my battery life is full I can’t get the PDM to turn on.

Sorry, I meant PDM…pods on the brain :slight_smile:

In spite of everything that’s been said here, if you have a PDM that requires your taking out batteries in order to get it working, you’ve got a defective PDM. Imagine having the same problem with your cell phone, you would not put up with having to take batteries out and then in in order to make a call. I had this problem four months ago, Insulet immediately sent me a replacement and I have had no issue since then. Unfortunately, there are defective PDMs out there and you should have them replaced rather than adjusting your behavior to their defects.

Wow, I’m surprise so many people have had this problem! The exact same thing happened to me too and Insulet sent me a new PDM. I had an old version that I used while I was waiting for my new one to arrive and it actually worked a lot better than the new version of the PDM. It read my blood sugar a lot faster too. It registered the blood on the strip faster, and gave me a reading faster too. But my new PDM is working great so far. On a bonus note, I’ve developed a great friendship with my areas Clinical Specialist so she took me out to dinner and helped me re-program my new PDM too! Not too shabby huh?

I agree, but when I called Insulet with this problem, the new PDM they sent was worse than the old one so we are just living with rolling the batteries around, or sometimes taking them in and out. It doesn’t happen that often and we sent back the new PDM.

this just happened for the first time yesterday! i’ve had this PDM for a year, and suddenly, yesterday, i couldn’t get it to turn on! i put in new batteries, and it required me to deactivate my pod. what a bummer! especially because i was in the car… traveling from VA to IL. i called Insulet and had them get me a replacement. i just don’t want this to become a common thing.

What was wrong with the new PDM? (I’ve heard some stories which is why I haven’t called mine in yet…)

So I just had to call in a pod error and noticed when I was trying to get the reference number that one of my buttons was not really responding properly. Needless to say while I was on the phone with them I told them about my battery problem as well and they’re sending me a new PDM to replace this one. Thanks everyone for bringing this problem to my attention as something worthy of reporting!

I have only had to remove the batteries 2 or 3 times in the last 9 months. It usually happens when I insert a test strip in the PDM. The PDM then resets OK.

Sometimes I can just use the power button to shut the PDM off. Sometimes it takes two tries.

Like everyone else who has responded, I have had the same problem with needing to remove, switch batteries and replace the batteries back in the PDM in order to get it to work. And like Dee, this is my 3rd PDM that has been replaced for the same reason. It gets to be rather annoying. While waiting a week for the new PDM to arrive, I used the old PDM (1st generation) and it seems to have a better track record than these newer 2nd generation PDM’s. This last PDM that I returned actually stopped in the middle of a “bolus” and did not deliver the insulin. When I put new batteries in it, the ‘records’ showed no bolus delivery. Don’t get me wrong, I still like my OmniPod, but these PDM’s need a little work yet.

The “old” pdm’s are available for $70 + shipping (@$10) from at least one DME in California. I got one as a spare, and to “play with” until my 2nd gen comes in and i have the training.

I got my new PDM and used it with a new pod. Wow. I didn’t realize how bad my old screen was! This is like going to HDTV.