Pdm stopped working

my pdm quit working for a while today. second time that happened. The first time was mid July. I was at the Doc.s, getting ready to leave, so I check where I’m at. My pdm wouldn’t turn on. I’m pretty sure my battery wasn’t low that day, but can’t say for sure. I finally took out my batteries, put them back in and it turns back on. Anyways I put a new thing of batteries in when I got home. It just happened again. Now I know my batteries werent old. So, anyone else have this problem/

Hi Antonia. Check past discussions. If you have the new generation PDM, apparently you need to use certain batteries or this will happen. (Sorry, I don’t remember which ones work.) All others are a tad too small. Good luck.

Yes. It is something about a slight difference in length of different batteries, as I recall.

Energizer Max is what they recommend. We had this problem a while ago, at the same time we also had a bunch of bad pods. We haven’t had it since, and we do use the right batteries, but we also got a new PDM at some point so you although I’d try using the correct batteries, if it keeps happening they will replace it.

Hi Antonia:

I just received my second replacement PDM on Friday (second one in 2 years) for the same reason. I had to put a strip in to get it to turn on, or pop out the batteries, and then I was not able to turn it off; I had to wait for it to time out. Insulet is very good about replacing the PDMs, though, and I got my new one the next day after I reported the problem. It’s still a pain having to redo all your settings; I am always afraid I am going to mess something up.