PDM turns on and off randomly

I’ve had awesome luck with the omnipod, except recently, my PDM keeps turning on and off randomly and it’s really annoying. It beeps once and kind of resets itself randomly. I am using Duracell batteries… is this why?

I am using Duracell as well, and my PDM show no signs of being posessed. Good luck!

I was told recently that they haven’t had nearly as many issues with people who are using Energizer. The batteries definitely look like they might stay in better. I would call it in anyway - but that’s probably the advice you would get.

I’m kind of worried to call… do you think they would fix it for free?

I wouldn’t be worried to call. I think this is a somewhat common occurrence. They should be happy to provide you with advice and help.

You haven’t done anything wrong to cause this. It happens to us too. Sometimes it happens once and then that’s it. Sometimes, it’s time to change the batteries. It could in fact be something with the PDM if it is happening too often.

Here is what I did. I took a small paperclip and formed a hook on it. I pulled the battery contacts out a little bit more than they were. Never had a problem since no matter what batteries I use. That was about 9 months ago.

You should never be worried to call Insulet. In my experience, their customer support is outstanding. You might not always like the answer you get, but they’re not going to yell at you or send agents to reposes your PDM and pods :slight_smile:
The PDM is warrantied for 4 years, if I recall correctly. Any defective behavior (that’s not the result of abuse, etc) and they will generally replace it for free. Or, like others have said, they’ll advise doing something different like changing batteries.
Personally, I use generic batteries (Walgreens brand) quite often without problems, so if I had this problem I’d follow the avice of 870allamerican and alter the contacts a little.

I was having the same problems with my PDM. I called customer service and explained that the PDM was malfunctioning…they were very understanding about it and sent me a new PDM and supplies to send back the faulty one. I didn’t have to pay anything!

Yep - Same thing happened to me. They replaced it no charge.

They replaced my PDM for free too after the same issue. Just make sure you record all of your data before you send the bad PDM back to them! I’m applying for a CGM from my insurance company and have a two month lapse in my readings because I forgot to download all of the data when I sent my PDM back to Insulet.

I usually call my insurance co. and tell them to fill the fax with a full ream of paper. When they ask why I tell them that the cgm records data every 5 minutes. They usually let me send only 2 weeks which is about 80 pages.

Same problem with PDM turning on/off itself. Customer Service indicated to use Energize Max batteries. Since this switch over 30 days ago problem has gone away.

We are on our third PDM for various reasons… We had never had issues with the PDM turning off/on before our last one received in late July. I was told by OmniPod that the Energizer Max batters had to be used before they would replace the pump… Doesn’t make sense to me, you 'd think i’d have the same problem with a pump i used previously… They did replace the pump… Thank you OmniPod