Penguins, Polar Bears & Superheroes

This past weekend was a free diabetes education event at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis, sponsored by the JDRF Indiana. I was there as a pseudo-advocate role, which meant I wasn't really volunteering or participating but could kind of be in the background and experience the event while meeting and greeting, advocating, and experiencing. I'd planned to follow the high schoolers/college-aged Type 1s who'd be talking about "How They've Done It," but plans changed. A volunteer wasn't there as planned, so the organizers summoned me to help keep watch over the little kids in the "child care" aspect while the parents and caretakers were off learning in the various sessions.

This was a new experience for me. While it wasn't my planned or preferred role for the day, it was educational and eye-opening and an experience I won't forget. I've written about my experience over at The Diabetic's Corner Booth.

Hey Good for you. I bet the Little ones were more interesting than the Big Kids anyways. I know that you were appreciated. You’ll get your “preferred” chance the next time around.