"Perfect" day well D wise anyway

Since I got the Dexcom G4 in November there has not been a single day that did not include at least one hypo that is until yesterday. Yesterday I had a 100% day. I spent my entire day between 72 and 162. No hypos no hypers and in the end an SD of 19%. At close to midnight last night of course I had to celebrate with a little bit of caramelot ice cream. Naturally I will not be having a 100% day today but it was worth it and heck today I will just work on avoiding hypos.

congrats on an all in target day! i hope you enjoyed every bite of your icecream, we all deserve some treats. interestingly, jacob ussually has a better morning bs when he has icecream for his bed time snack. i try to get icecream that has 6-8 grams of fat per serving and he has two servings extending some insulin out an hour, when he was on MDI we would give him his shot about a 1/2 hour after eating icecream. i think this extention helps as well as the low glycemic nature of icecream. i don't know about you but i think fat and protein at every meal really help diabetic control. just wanted to make you feel better about your choice, have a great weekend! amy

Very nice job! I've been monitoring SD a lot through the holidays and it seems like when I pay attention to it, it ends up lower, although I dunno if I consciously do anything that much different to put it lower or if it just turns out that way?

Thanks Amy, the Friendly's Caramelot ice cream I think is a limited edition flavor it has been sitting in my freezer for the better part of a month it is delicious, so I don't regret my decision to consume it, and I didn't have to pay too much for it so it's all good. And at least it warmed up a little bit around here so I could take Cosmo for a 40 minute walk this morning without freezing my butt off.
AR I didn't even know what SD meant until I read Think Like a Pancreas and also watched Gary Sheiner in a video chat here. I have been trying to keep it under 33% and find that is an attainable goal, unless I have just changed sensors or I have a bad sensor which has happened a couple of times since starting the Dexcom system. But as with everything, it is still a work in progress.

glad you had a good walk it was a beautiful weekend, had a great walk today, i love a little snow, a little sun! what kind of dog is cosmo, our jackie is some sort of hound mix, but she is beautiful and loving, i never had a dog growing up but she has been so good for our entire family for entertainment, and affection, she gets more than anyone combined! but giving and having that unconditional love has been good for my boys esp. jacob when he is having a sad D day a jackie snuggle helps, luckily mostly good days lately he has even had a growth sprut with no big impact on bs's. blessings all around, have a great week! amy

Cosmo is a mutt terrier who I got from Baypath Humane Society in Hopkinton. He is my substitute child while my son Mark has been away at prep school and now college. Since the big blue test we have walked every morning for about 40 minutes and it is very therapeutic both for him and me. Now he gets depressed if it is raining or it is too cold for our gaunt. But he is a great motivator.
I am the shortest in my family and I think it was because D stunted my growth. I am a middle child and both my sisters are over 5'10" and my brother is 6'7", my parents are over 6 feet tall as well. I am 5'7" tall but that is still taller than just about everyone in my husband's family so I guess D stunting my growth might have been not such a bad thing.
I hope Jacob continues to have mostly good days. I have so much respect and admiration for parents of T1 kids. I don't know how you do it. Hope you too have a great week.

clare, lol we looked at the humane society in hopkinton when we were looking for a dog! we rescued jackie from the animal shelter in north smithfield, ri, the big joke is i saw her pic on pet finder and didnt think she was that cute when the boys and hubby went to look at her she ws soooo excited and then went belly up,love at first site! i'd say at 5' 7" you did ok! at least you fended off the social awkwardness of being a tall teen! thanks for the well wishes, the balance is trying to now make jacob feel more and more in control while still being very involved, luckily so far we have a great relationship which is helpful! happy walking, i think jackie gets along with girl dogs better or we could get together for a walk, she's friendly and we let her off leash on trails. talk later! amy

I'm glad she is a rescue, I have to say my mutt is far healthier than my purebreds ever were. I had a rat terrier named Wisky before I had Cosmo (and before that I had another rat terrier named Brandy) so we had to keep the names on the alcohol theme. But Wisky died from a weird nerve disease that was kind of like Lou Gherig's disease but in dogs. So I was distraught and never thought I would have another dog, but I missed the canine companionship, so I started volunteering walking dogs at Baypath in Hopkinton which is the next town over.I was there 2 or 3 times a week and fell in love with every dog I walked, but I just couldn't bring myself to commit to another dog until the director called me one day and said "Clare we have your dog". I said really ? And she said that a 5 month old rat terrier mix had just come in from Indiana. So I immediately went to see him and it was love at first sight. We have been constant companions ever since and that was 2006. Cosmo goes to daycare 3 days a week and pretty much gets along with any dog, he is not particular about gender and I can let him off leash without worrying about him wandering off which makes our morning walks a pleasure. Baypath Shelter seems to specialize in Pit Bull rescue but they do have a variety of dogs coming in all the time I'm just lucky I got Cosmo when I did.
You're very lucky to have a good relationship with Jacob, it is tough I'm sure to let go. My parents were not involved at all with my D and in fact to this day none of my family has ever given me a shot of insulin. But to be honest it forced me to take care of myself, and not let D get in the way of living my life to the fullest. Of course back in the "olden days" we didn't even have glucometers, never mind CGM's or analog insulins to control our blood sugars - we usually had little clue what they were, so weren't so hung up on the numbers. I don't even know when A1C's were developed but I know it wasn't a test they did when I was a kid.

Yikes, how old were you when you were diag. things are soooo different on so many levels now. in terms of parenting somewhere in between the extremes is probably best, now adays parents tend to micromanage their kids lives from the get go, way to much, my husband thinks my boys are mamas boys but we truely enjoy each others company i treat them with respect (most of the time, i'm not perfect!) and i wait for them to tell me what they are interested in in terms of activities, thank god i am not a soccer mom, it would wreek havac with our weekend hikes! in terms of D i cant imagine the pre bs monitoring days but even with that i'm sure many parents of diabetic kids today live in way to much fear and anger and micromanage everything to a degree that could be far more "damaging" than the way you grew up. am i happy that jacob is a pretty introspective homebody fish geek that loves to learn and is home for most of his diabetic management, you bet ya!! but i also am confident in his ability to care for himself on the days when he is away, each year it gets somewhat easier. that which we can not change we must accept, trying to lead by example with that with jacob of course he is the first to point out when i am "overreacting" or not acting very buddha like. i think he is doing well! have a great day! amy

I had just turned 14 and was in the 9th grade when I was diagnosed. Not a soul in my family has D. I had a virus about 3 months before diagnosis and I think that is what triggered the immune response. I'm sure I would have rebelled if my parents even thought about micro-managing me but they had 4 kids within 5 years of each other so when I think about it they had a lot more going on in the house than just me and D. 4 teenagers ugh, I can't even imagine. And also I was scheduled to go on the school trip to Mexico and go to camp in the summer so I had to prove I could manage myself or I could not go on the trips. It was certainly good motivation. But also managing was a whole lot easier back then, I was on a single shot of insulin a day for the first 5 years of D so I just took a shot in the morning and forgot about it. To be honest I really kind of miss those days. For as much as the new technology has helped make managing easier, there is something to be said for forgetting about D for the day.