Perfect Diabetes Carry On/Travel Bag?

Help! I am running through airports quite a bit and never feel like I am completely put together with my “on board” Dia Supply/million cords and chargers stash/mini kitchen/lap top protecting/extra toothbrush toting gear.
Does anyone have a great bag/solution they use to “keep it together”?!? I feel like I need to borrow this guys…

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Hi Cynthia. The bag I use most of the time is sling bag made by Red Rock I don’t remember the name of it, but it would be too small for what you want. In fact, I am thinking about getting the next size up which is called the “Hipster”. The thing about these bags (and I’m sure there are many others similar) is that they are made for conceal carry (you know… Gasp… Guns). I just kind of stumbled into this, but they actually work wonderfully. They are made to hold a pretty good-sized handgun which makes them excellent for things like meters and other gear. They also have a lot of smaller pockets and ways to attach items. They have a wide strap that you can put over your shoulder to make it secure and keep your hands free. Like I said, there are a lot of these out there. I am going to continue down the concealed carry product line for further purchases. Hope this helps.

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Lol! I do need a concealed carry bag as well! I can use it as I ride my cruiser bike to the Saturday market!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I am going to look up the brand you mentioned now! Thanks!

Looked at their web site and they do have interesting stuff.

I’m eyeing this (and just noticed it’s on clearance, ooh, better go grab one this weekend!):

I usually carry a backpack with everything I might need at my seat, and then a second carry-on bag that has all the other supplies I might need, and then (sadly, I’m not joking) a checked suitcase with clothes and a cooler inside that has food for my trip. This is a problem for airlines that only allow one piece of carry-on luggage, though.

I’m in need of a new backpack, which is why I’m eyeing that Supercontinent one (and I like that that one has a detachable daypack).

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I’ve used various concealed carry holsters to carry various D-gear a time or two…

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Knowing WHAT you carry would improve our advice. Using an insulin pump and CGM is different supply-wise to someone using syringes and vials or insulin pens. Also, for how many days are you packing?