Peroneal Tendon Injury - Foot edema in mornings

Hi Everyone,

Last year, while transitioning to minimalist running, I ran one morning, and had very sore calves the next morning. Nothing unusual, but I walked very long distances with fairly heavy boots and then suddenly, I heard a progressively loud crack in my left ankle and had pain there which stopped me from walking any further. I never got a diagnosis, but it seems like it might have been a subluxed tendon

Fast forward, I had pain walking around my house for 2 - 3 months when I put any pressure on my left foot. GP told me to take anti-inflammatories, use ice, and rest.

That was a while ago and I don’t have the same pain, however now, I still have some issues with my ankle where it cracks (painlessly) and worse, it swells up every morning, especially along the 3/4/5 metatarsals of my left foot. Some mornings are better than others, and when my sugars are better it seems to be a little less swollen.

Still, when I step out of bed, I find that my taking the first step always gives me strange numbnes and tingling sensations, with some mild shooting pain in the outer left two toes.

I’ve seen physiotherapists, told my internist about it, consulted my GP but to no avail. I thought I was loading too much weight on it which caused the swelling, but I’m not sure what it is. Should I see a sports doctor or an ortho specialist? Would this need some surgery? I have no clue if the diabetes is complicating the recovery.

I will go to absolutely any bounds to fix this issue, I’ve even considering going on a very extended water fast (after thorough research) because I’m just so desperate to get some sort of closure on it.

My A1C has been between 6.5 - 7. My most recent one is for sure better as I’ve changed diets and have had remarkable improvements in sugar. I’m also mostly active and have had diabetes since 2004.

Would love to hear if anybody has had experiences or any advice on dealing with this issue. I will read any book or resource. Eager to hear what the community has to say.

Warm regards

Get evaluated by a foot and ankle specialist. I need my ankles / feet to exercise, keeping my blood sugar in control. It may need to be immobilized to let the area heal. I have a good podiatrist I see yearly. Good luck. Nancy50

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I have extensive foot and heal pain which is not uncommon in diabetes. Here is a nice place to start when thinking about diabetes and tendon issues. Achillies injury in particular is an issue with diabetes.

Additional articles are plentiful on this subject. Take care.

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