Personal Trainer Certification

Has anyone here ever went for the NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) Certified Personal Trainer certification and Fitness Nutrition Certifications by chance?

I’m currently scheduled to do the two hour test in November that’s 120 questions for the Personal Trainer part. I got into Fitness about 4 years ago and started weight lifting myself. I realized how much it exactly was helping me and decided that I felt like it could help others with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes and other chronic conditions. I already have a job lined up at a gym (24 Hour Fitness) and will be starting there as soon as I complete my testing. Eventually I do want to branch out and go on my own to help people with chronic conditions specifically. I know that a lot of people fear lows that can happen during physical exercise but if your nutrition is correct and you dose correctly (with help of your doctor) then there’s no reason why people should be afraid of this. I used to have severe lows and figured out how to stop those and also how to stop the intense spikes I tend to get after weight lifting.

I’m also bodybuilding to compete this April at a convention called FitCon here in Utah which is an entirely different thing and I will probably eventually take on clients who want to compete as well.

You sound motivated! And accomplished already!

My adult son took the NASM certification test. He did it twice.

First time thru, he did it without reviewing and without online help. He felt the part which he was not prepared for were the calculations – even tho he is really good with advanced math, it was the way the calculations are applied to exercise – and the way questions were worded.

He found an online practice test or some kind of help, got really familiar with the types of calculations he needed to do quickly, and passed easily the second time.

This was 2008. It may have changed in eight years’ time.

So my recommendation is to really prepare. Look online for specific help for this test. It’s not hard, it’s just you want to prepare.

Interestingly enough, I spike after intense weight lifting (but I’m a wimp!). I had expected lows but they did not come. Only after cardio :slight_smile:

I think your niche for fitness and bodybuilding is a BIG selling point for your trainer career. I don’t know of ANYONE who is diabetic and training in my town or gym (lots of famous competitors here in San Diego).

I think you could HELP a lot of people who need the exercise to maintain BG control. You can bridge the gap for those who are new to it, and reinforce oldies like me!!!

Best of results at FitCon! You should post your pose shot somewhere for us to see!!!