"Phantom" Symptoms?

Anyone else psych themselves out with “phantom” symptoms? You think your breasts feel a bit more tender than usual, or if you feel the slightest bit nauseous you wonder, “Could I finally be pregnant?”

I hate doing it to myself, but it happens more often than not. Over the past couple of days my right breast in particular has been tender and part of me is saying, “Stop it, you’re not pregnant. Don’t get your hopes up.” But another part of me is like, “Hmmm… maybe?” I know it’s too early to take a pregnancy test, so I’m just waiting here, driving myself crazy until I either can take a test or actually do get my period.

I can relate with my second baby. I kept telling my husband, “I’m sure I’m pregnant, I’m sure!” Then he said “Ok, you’ve got one test to prove it.” So I took the test and it was no. So I kept going into the bathroom later and checking to see if maybe the plus sign was just taking more time to appear. It didn’t but another two weeks went by, my period was late and wouldn’t you know it – baby number two was on the way!

I never got past the craziness though. Because once you’re pregnant, then you can’t wait for the ultrasound, you can’t wait to show, you can’t wait to feel the kicking, find out the gender, have the baby…Such is motherhood.