Another Saturday Night and

I have a good friend that plays in a country band and I decided to go see him play last night, hadn’t seen him and his wife in quite a while, so I was looking forward to going and hanging out for a while.

While I was getting ready I checked my pump and noticed that there were only about 40 units left, so I changed out my set. It stung a little more than usual, but every thing looked ok, so I headed on my way. On the drive over, it was about half an hour away, i noticed the site was still hurting. Alarm bells went off in the back of my head (at least for me, when a site hurts for more than a couple seconds, it’s going to be a problem), but I pressed on. This was also the one time I didn’t bring any extra supplies with me, after all I wasn’t going to stay long and where would I change a set at a bar anyway?

So I get there, sit down and chat with folks for a bit. I go ahead and bolus for a burger and fries. My food arrives and it’s pretty good, I do like a good cheeseburger and a beer! About halfway thru my meal, I get a whiff of insulin. I think “WTF” and reach down to my site and my shirt is wet right over the site. There was my bolus, to bad it wasn’t on the inside where it belonged!

Been there maybe half an hour, my friend’s band hadn’t even started playing yet and I have to head home! I suspend my pump (no use pumping more insulin onto my skin, as opposed to into) come home and go ahead and just take an injection for the bolus amount. After it was all said and done, it worked out ok, didn’t have that big a spike. I never did really figure out what was wrong, I just put in a new set.

Morale of the story? I learned to at least take insulin and a syringe with me and if a site hurts for more than a few seconds, go ahead and change it out.

Thanks for stopping by

Glad there was no huge spike for you…sorry you could not stay there long :(…ahhh adventures with the big “D”…