Pillsbury Sugar Free baking mixes and frosting?!

Pillsbury Sugar Free Backing Products

Has anyone tried these yet?

I just heard about Pillsbury’s new sugar free baking mixes. I havent been able to find them in my local store yet (curious about the ingredients). and of course TASTE!

There are times I am just sick of being left out of the party food wise- and if these are good I just might ahve to celebrate with a brownie!

Haven’t tried them yet but, after checking online there is only a 6 carb difference per serving between the yellow cake and sugar free yellow cake. I tend to be leery of looking at sugar free stuff because of finding a few sugar free things that actually have more carbs then regular. When it comes to labeling I know sugar free just means no added table sugar. I also tend to use a trick that weight watchers taught my wife and use soda or seltzer, you can just pour a can of soda into the mix and bake it from there skipping the other ingredients or apple sauce for brownies.

I’ve never heard of that! OK- so take a regular cake mix- add 12 oz ( soda or seltzer water not flavored pop right?) and bake? I’ll have to try that. Now that I’m thinking about it I think my grandma used to make somehting called 7-Up cake- wonder if it’s similar? Thanks for that tip!

Hmmmm, it’s not the sugar, it’s the carbs. I’ll bet Pillsbury will be able to make a tasty sugar free mix, but if it is loaded with carbs, what’s the point? They have been able to whip their frosting so it is 19 grams for two tablespoons instead of 28, but still high. You can mix their frosting with cream cheese to lower carb count futher. We only have cake on rare occasions, usually go with ice cream cake. But I will look for this and check it out.

You can used flavors, diet orange soda works great

Make a cheesecake. You can make one that is very low carb and still insanely delicious.