Pingy Ping!

I met with the Animas rep today, who was very nice. She went over all the features on the Ping and showed me how to put in the infusion sets. Gave me a couple of them to try out (different styles), and let me sign out the pump for a few days.. now here I am!

I have to say, it's a pretty neat little piece of equipment. I've had fun just playing around with the menus and such.

I hate wearing it clipped to my pants, but I am one of those people that never even liked wearing a belt unless forced to. I've been looking up alternative ways to wear it so will have to give them a try.

I guess having tubes isn't so bad... I'll always have access to medical tape and can tape it down if I feel it's necessary on days where I'll be doing a lot with animals.

I don't really care for the case that the remote comes in. It's absolutely HUGE, which makes me wonder if I really need to have a pump with a remote, or not.

I think I'm just spoiled by my OneTouch Ultra Mini glucometers + cases.

Now... the most important question in my mind? Which color?!

I don't wear my ping on my belt. It either goes in a pocket, in a Tallygear belt, or a spibelt. I personally prefer the tallygear one as it's totally flat on your body and has multiple pockets. It's also made by a person rather than a company. She will customize them however you wish.

I haven't had any incidents with my tubing with horses or dogs, though you're around large animals a LOT more than I am. I tuck it into my pants and leave my t shirt or whatever untucked. The few times I don't use one of the above carrying methods, I clip it to a belt loop rather than to my waistband.

Have fun!

Oh...the remote case... I have all sorts of non-proprietary little pouches that I use instead. It fits in the tallygear belt as well.

I wear it clipped in the middle of my bra. It never gets in my way there and easy to access :)

I tried clipping it to the middle of my bra, and it rather resembles having a growth there. LOL. I found a site after posting this blog that has a little contraption that allows you to wear the pump horizontally in that area instead of being vertically clipped? And that seems like it would work for me. I'll try to sew one up, if I wind up getting a pump :)

You can also get a 'thigh thing' from a number of different sites.

I love my spibelts ( There is one made especially for pumps with a little slit in it for the tube. Even if you don't wear it in the daytime, it's really nice to sleep in.

I was wondering how to wear it when sleeping. It's kind of awkward, especially since I sleep on my stomach... the spibelt is a good idea for that, but I think I could probably sew something... I have enough fabric for an army..

I actually sewed a couple of baby socks to a pair of men's sleep shorts. Scrub pants work great too, plenty of pockets - I safety pin the tubing to the fabric.

I use this to sleep with my Ping.

I like it because it has a hard piece that won't let you rollover and press any buttons by the rest of the case is soft so you can easily swing it around your body depending on what position you sleep.