How to discretely wear pumps with active lifestyle?

Hi all, I am an Omnipod user facing the decision of going back on shots or switching to the Animus Ping. My main concern is *how the heck do you wear wired pumps* --hopefully still looking fashionable, but even if I have to give that up, how do you secure them for an active lifestyle (yoga, fitness, etc) as well as make sure they are not visible in work situations where you can't appear to have a cell phone on you and don't want to explain what it is? I'm pretty sad & stressed about this situation and would love any feedback, suggestions, and to see photos of how people pull off wearing these things! Thank you for your support.

[Background: I posted awhile back how no longer having insurance coverage for my Omnipod, I was preparing to switch to a "wired" pump. At my next appointment with my CDE, she showed me the pump & I was truly shocked at it's size and weight. Due to my lifestyle & my pregnancy the CDE actually advised I stay on the Omni, and felt confident she could get her rep to donate a couple of months worth. So I got an email from her today and... no Omnipods. I am also asking her to write a letter to Medicaid trying to get an override for coverage on the pods; no word on that yet.]

Hi Dalice! I use an Animas Ping and what works best for me is the SpiBelt (stands for “Small Personal Items” belt). They were originally designed for runners to hold small items in but they’ve actually started marketing them to insulin pump users because pumps fit perfectly inside the pouch! In fact, I think you can still get a ten percent discount for being a member of TuDiabetes. I think I have the coupon code around here someone :slight_smile: If you’re interested I can see if I can find it for you when/if you’re ready.

I’ve been raving about my Spibelt on this website since I got it! It’s managed to allow me to wear my pump more discretely than I could before. You still have a small belt around your waist but I feel like there’s something about the way it’s designed that makes it lay a little flatter against your body. I’ve also been dealing with the concern of not wanting to look like I have a cell phone on me because our rules have changed at work so the cell phone policy is a lot more strict. I don’t have to worry about it much though, because I’ve always been very open with my employer about having an insulin pump (sometimes it looks like I’m texting when I’m just bolusing!) I also like the fact that when wearing the Spibelt I don’t have to have my pump attached to my pants, which was always a problem for me when pulling my pants up and down in the bathroom! Instead I just slide the Spibelt up my waist a little so I’m not running the risk of pulling on my tubing when I pull my pants down.

Anyway, check out for pics. I wear mine all of the time, even to bed!

Good luck!


Kangaroo Pump Pockets also makes underwear and bras for insulin pumps. I don’t really recommend them because I personally feel it’s low quality and not well made, but it’s an option that’s definitely better than going back to MDI.

I love the SPI belt. I wear it for active and for formal. I put around my wait in the back under suits or dress clothes. For other dressy occassions (wearing dress pants for work when I don’t want the pump to show), I wear it in an MP3 player case around my ankle. You can check out the case here (and scroll down).

Most of the time, I don’t need to dress up, so I wear it clicked to the belt loop on my jeans (using the case you see at the top in the link above). Generally I don’t try to hide it and just tell people what it is.

I put mine in my pants pockets when I’m wearing pants w/ pockets. When I’m without pockets, I wear it in my socks (knee highs) or boots. In the summer I would just clip it w/ the pump closer to my body and its barely noticeable. When I run outside I put it in the spibelt or in my sports bra (I use baby socks to keep it sweat free). At the gym, I just clip it to my pants the same as dress pants, making sure my underwear is between the pump and my skin so it doesn’t get too sweaty. I’ve rarely had anyone really notice it that wasn’t looking for my pump. The only times that it has been noticed while in my pockets is when I’ve gone into the US Capital or airport security and they are clearly looking for stuff in your pockets.

I second, third and fourth the recommendations for the Spibelt. It’s comfortable, convenient and discrete and it works in both an active and work situation.

For yoga, you’re going to have to live with fact that you have to slide the pump around once in awhile - from the side to the front or vice-versa. It becomes second nature. The belt holds everything snugly against your abdomen with no bouncing or sliding.

Get one. Get two. Get the double pocket.


I’ve been wearing my ping in the side of my bra without the clip on it. It lays flatter that way, and a good supportive bra like the Spanx ones or a sports bra hold it nice and tight

I’m another Spibelt user and totally reccomend it!!! It pretty much just makes the pump become part of you. Good luck!!!

baby socks are a great idea for the sports bra… i wish i had known that before i chaffed myself. LOL

I usually wear my Ping clipped in the center of my bra, lying flat against my skin, all the time. Except for the lowest of necklines, it works perfectly and the tubing just gets stuck up under there too. It’s completely hidden. For exercise, I usually clip it to my pants in the small of my back, but sometimes just take it off altogether, especially for yoga where I was always hitting it.

I found my pump to be about the same size as the Omnipod, and I like having the versatility of where to put it each day.

I wear mine tucked in my bra. You have to look a bit to find the right kind of bra that has enough cloth in the center to support a pump, but they’re out there and combined with the right length of tubing ( I use the 43") nobody has to ever know I’m wearing it. I also use a baby sock for the pump in my bra to protect against scratching my skin. I use the Ping, by the way.