"Pizza effect" from pastrami sandwich?

Anyone had a “pizza effect” from a pastrami sandwich? My sugar’s been stuck around 140 for the last hour or so, and I had my first actual sugar over 140 since around 9/5 or so as a 2 hour post . . . .

That must have been a good pastrami sandwich. Last time I had it tho was with wheat bread and I thought the fries got me a bit higher but, I do not think my numbers were that high later. Sorry I was not more help. Indian food is my killer. It sends me into the 200’s I need to rethink what I eat when I go its not the naan or the rice I am guessing its the sauces that get me…

Don’t know anything about pastrami sandwich, but i’m sure that real italian pizza don’t pull up sugar as scientific (and American!) literature says…

Pastrami can be pretty fatty sometimes. I find that fats really prolong bgl effects afterwards.

what made it really fun was the 60s readings 2 hours after that . . . with NO insulin.

Yep, they’re fatty. It’ not the pastrami, it’s these OTHER standard ingredients:

swiss cheese: almost pure fat.
mayo: almost pure fat.
butter/margarine used to grill the onions and other yummy innards, if not the bread too: almost pure fat.

I think that “pastrami sandwich” without swiss sucks, so I pay that price. But I tell 'em “mustard only, no mayo at all”, that helps a bit. no fries, just the crunchy pickle on the side-- and extended bolus to handle all the fat better.

Agree with the others–it’s the fat content. Know you didn’t have cheese on yours, or did you:)

errr… ummmm… ahhh… :slight_smile:

Nope, just rye, mustard, and a pickle. Didn’t even eat all the bread. I also had chicken soup, no noodles, no matzoh ball, which could conceivably have had sugar added. I need to ask them if they’ve changed their soup forumulation.

Methinks I have to just start bringing my own lunch to work more.

Did they use a honey mustard instead of spicy brown??? Great now I want a pastrami sandwich for lunch. I had sushi which sent me higher last night and 89 this morning.

Nope, plain old spicy brown. Honey mustard’s much better for corned beef, anyway . . .

Sorry to set off food cravings!

Its OK the Matzoh ball soup is also a favorite and I wont be coming to NJ for the holidays this year :frowning:

Ron, you may know this, but just in case. Sushi rice has sugar added, so even though it’s not a large portion of rice the sugar is there. Sushi rice also has a small amount of rice vinegar added so it doesn’t taste particularly sweet. The rice used is a special kind that’s extra starchy so more carbs than even regular rice.

If anyone mentions knishes, I’m going to cry:)