Planning to try an arm site!

I've been wearing a Dexcom for about 4 months and only ever tried it in the upper buttock/lower back/love handle area. I'm thinking about trying it in my upper arm when I replace the sensor tomorrow. Any good advice? I've watched every video I can find about it on YouTube. I'm a little nervous because I have pretty skinny arms. :(

Does anyone know if the calibration must be exactly every 12 hours, or once you've attach it do you have to check your glucose levels exactly 2 hours later? My daughter just got her Dexcom, but hasn't used it because of this concern. She is afraid that she will be driving and will have to pull over to check her GL or she is in class attending to lectures. Thank you!

It will alert you when it’s ready for a calibration but it won’t stop working (in the case of the every-12-hour calibrations) if you don’t do it immediately. As for the start up two hour calibration, you’ll get an alert that it’s time to calibrate and you won’t see any readings on the device until you do, but otherwise there is no reason she couldn’t wait until a more convenient time for her to use her meter.

Why are you replacing the sensor ? If it's accurate and comfortable I normally leave it in until it dies or starts to get inaccurate. When the receiver says "change sensor now" I just hit stop sensor and start sensor but do not change it out. It will go through the 2 hour calibration step and then you're good to go.
If you've watched Diabetic Danica do the arm insertion I think hers is the best for technique.
This one is great to give you the courage. I figure if this 3 year can handle it so can I.
Dexcom will replace any sensor that does not last for 7 days. So if you put it on your arm and just can't stand the feeling of it there pull it off and try somewhere else.
For what it's worth, I have very skinny arms and have found wearing a sensor on the back in the flabby area is comfortable and lasts the longest. My last one was on for 33 days and was still amazingly accurate until it died.

Clare your link’s don’t work.

Hi Elena, I agree with Clare, also there are many places that people will put it.
lower back/buttocks, boobs, arms, thigh, etc… you just have to find a comfort for yourself, keeping in mind the way you sleep can help! if you put pressure on the sensor it does not funtion as well as it could lol

I replace them every two weeks because I get sick of them being in the same spot. :slight_smile:

That’s why I’m wanting to try my arm–I use the hip area and get tired of only being able to sleep on one side for two weeks (the length of time I wear a sensor).

Perfect timing! I just put my Dex on my upper arm yesterday. I also upgraded the software. AND, the darn thing is not keeping very good accuracy at all. I am really surprised as most people rave about the arm accuracy. The update was also supposed to make the Dex more accurate.

This is really bugging me because I just started the Omnipod yesterday and my numbers are far better than what the Dex is showing, off by more than 50. So now I am testing on the Omnipod, testing on my Verio...I am a pincushion once again!

I just did it this morning! Fingers crossed that my accuracy is okay. It was great on my hip, sometimes the first day was kooky but it always settled in.

Good luck! Let us know how it goes

Hi Elena! I recommend it. I use the back of my upper arm for dexcom, almost exclusively. Closer to the armpit than you think. :P It's the only place I've found that never gets in the way of anything (sleeping, clothing, pack straps, etc.) Also, I have the feeling that its accuracy is a bit more reliable there than on the stomach (though I might be imagining it). I am pretty lean everywhere. I just alternate sides every time the sensor needs changing (one or two weeks), reusing the same two spots over and over. Never had any problems from that yet.

What conditions did you do the initial calibration in? For me, that's usually the culprit for terrible accuracy in the first 36 hrs. If it's too bad, just restart the sensor and start fresh.

Did you try it on the arm?

I am interested in other locations. . .

I've only had two sensors so far. The first one I put on my hip. It did not send/receive well there. It seemed to stop anytime I sat down.

I think I might try low hip/high leg.

I really don't like it on the abdomen where everyone can see it in the locker room. I want to cover it with a bathing suit/bike shorts. . .

What's the longest you (anyone?) have ever left a sensor in?

I'll have mine in my abdomen for three weeks three days from now. . . .

You only have to calibrate it two hours later on the first time it is inserted. Then every 12 hours.

I have gone a lot longer than 12 hours, but after 12 hours it gives you this big BLOOD DROP symbol that blocks the whole screen, but if you just press the main button it goes away.

I'm not sure how long it will continue displaying values after 12 hours if you don;t calibrate it with a new test. . .

Yes, I did! The accuracy for me was not as good at first as I was getting on the hip area. It seems to have settled in now. Overall I prefer it on my arm, it is more out of the way for how I sleep, exercise, etc. I plan to fiddle with placement when I replace it, maybe a different spot on my arm will be better.

What is the longest period of time for which you have ever left a sensor in?

Thanks. Where on the hip did you have it? I want to place it so people can't see it at the gym, like under biker pants, but the one time I tried it on the side of the hip, overtime I sat down it stopped receiving. . . .

33 days